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MT09 no replacement for displacement


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I have a Ducati Hyper as well and it went from 821 to 939 to address the power lose to meeting stricter standards.  Output remained the same. 

Only real difference is that the 939 seems to be a hotter running bike.  I assume as it is running leaner - do not know for sure - just an observation.

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11 hours ago, betoney said:

Interesting.  I wonder if they will increase bore or stroke or keep the same ratio they currently have only slightly larger in each dimension?

I wonder too. The wheels are turning as well thinking, what off-the-shelf parts can I install on my 2015 to increase the fun factor?

yamaha uses a triple in watercraft, side by side, and sleds too... so lots to choose from. Or maybe it was too cost prohibitive to get those “dirtier” engine components to meet the new standards.

the other thing we could infer from the increase in displacement is that Yamaha couldn’t maintain HP output on our current engine design and displacement  while decreasing the valve overlap To clean up the emissions?

really interesting stuff @1moreroad, thanks for posting the link. How far behind will CARB and or the rest of the US be in requiring something close to these standards I wonder? I guess we’ll see after the election...


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