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Evotech Levers


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32 minutes ago, igalmarino said:

i just install Evotech levers. The brake is fine but the cluth is very loose, Is this normal ? It does not feed right.

From the video, it sure doesn't look correct.  When the pivot pin goes through the levers center pivot, the lever should not be able to pull out of the perch like that.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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8 hours ago, Bill H said:

any problems with the Cruise C. ?

I will say I bought the Evotech levers and the brake is perfect but the clutch side I was not happy about at all.  The part that engages the Cruise switch is not right and i had to adjust the clutch with very little free play to get it to work and even then if you barely touched the clutch, it would disengage.  My soultion was to get clutch lever from AVDB Moto and the clutch lever is perfect and made for the bikes with CC.


Adjustable / Foldable clutch lever for YAMAHA MT-10 FZ-10 2016 - 2018


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