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Artist Point Revisited


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Both James (jtvisions) and I were feeling a bit stir-crazy from being locked down because of the fire smoke in the area being so unhealthy.  Plus, we're watching as the days went by as the weather is getting cooler and wetter...knowing that the change means the riding season is slipping away.  So we both wanted to go to Artist Point to see the change in colours and see it before the first snows come.
So we headed north up Hwy 9.
This valley is just so pretty.  I love the view and never get tired of it each time I pass this way.  I think one of the cool things about it, is it gives you a glimpse of where you're headed.ACtC-3eax_zjiiqiM4lXDJE9xYUzfBhCiVMnkx4T
Obligatory motorcycle pic.  :)ACtC-3eeGjL67vNPaBaGiU3FPJU1t-35b3jPGjBG
James with Mt. Baker in the background.  As James pointed out, the cloud to the right of Mt. Baker's peak is being formed by the peak itself.  The wind is coming from the south (left) and going over the glaciers, cooling and forming the cloud.ACtC-3dc9Ln4rrvVM4x-bzyF8uv7mrYmDsr-kR0-
As luck would have it, the girl who left the painted rock came back.  :)ACtC-3cQXEOMnIn8ogrcksW_nDw0ME11B9npMHXd
The natural beauty is one reason to ride to Artist Point.  The other is the road.  ACtC-3fkvT9avn6gZsWEDFv13TE5D4e17j7Z-GjU
I see so many motorcyclists and bicyclists come up here, circle the parking lot ...and ride off thinking they saw all there was in less than five minutes.ACtC-3cKmrWN1sTA833lPks0X-Oat6aV3EP9B9EH
Social distancing doesn't prevent socializing.ACtC-3c5knjbv8CKiOwsKwMT3uJ63jwAiQP-LDJZ
A memento I found when I parked the bike.  I wonder how many miles that leaf stayed on.ACtC-3e4yd3r1-nObJ6Szadkp36FTlgngdzKT-nx

The fall colours were starting, but not that bright quite yet.  So this means James and I will have to go see it all again.  :)

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Man!!  Those colours are just so vibrant :)  What great scenery, thanks for sharing

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