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Hard to remove coil packs


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Typically theres also usually a small hole for water drainage located somewhere on the cyl head - on our bikes it’s around the exhaust headers. A blast of compressed air in that hole while simultaneously twisting the coil pack can also get it free (disconnect the wire first!)

I swear Yamaha engine guys must pound the coil packs into the engine with a rubber mallet on the assembly line...


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When reinstalling them, lube the sides with dielectric grease so they come off nice and easy next time. 

Be sure to use dielectric grease, not some random grease.  

I had a bloody hell of a time doing this on my old MT07, as there wasn't room to pull them straight up but they were stuck so tight.  Terrible, terrible job.  I'm very thankful they're readily accessible on the Tracer, as I just received my new plugs and need to change mine this weekend.

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