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3 hours ago, Danielblue said:

Working on getting it set up for touring.

Welcome to the forum and I am sure you will enjoy every mile on your new bike. I went down the NON GT route as well after test riding a GT. Yamaha panniers were I felt too small for My touring needs so picked up a second hand base model with a set of shad panniers and top box, They can be set up as a very good sports tourer, lots of tips here on spending your money.

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Welcome Danielblue.  There are several of us in Ohio and a couple even meet for a ride now and then.  Your Tracer will be a fine sport touring ride.   I came off a BMW GS and it only took a short time of riding the FJ exclusively for the GS to feel huge and tractor-like.  For the first time in 30 years I may replace my bike with the same model when that time comes.

www.ridemsta.com  Riding makes me happy. "Do it or don't do it - you'll regret both." - Soren Kierkegaard

2015 FJ-09, 50k miles, Hord Power ECU, K-Tech suspension, MC Cruise

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Such great bikes - in any trim package, really.  Glad to have you aboard!!

2015 FJ-09 / FJR touring bags / oil plug mod / Evotech rad guard / SW Motech bash plate / VStream touring windshield / Seat Concepts:  Sport Touring / Vcyclenut ABS rings (speedo correction) / Cosmo RAM mount

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