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2 up riding on the Niken GT


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Took my lady for the first time out on the Niken GT after I had enough time in saddle to develop enough comfort to motor 2 up. 

A few answers from my pillion passenger to a couple of my questions:

1. How comfortable was the seat?

In comparison to my old 2004 BMW R1150R, this seat was way more comfortable in terms of support, width, passenger grab rails, and the backrest. 

2. Did you like the backrest on the Givi V47 trunk? 

It wasn't until halfway into the ride that she realized that she had a backrest that she could comfortably lean up against. Once she learned that it was there and that it was solid, she had plenty of room to sit back and relax. 

3. How was the wind in pillion?

Wind buffeting is definitely there since the airstream definitely doesn't flow over the top passenger. I'm 5' 11" and she's 5' 4". With Schuberth C3 Pro women's helmet on it took some getting used to but after awhile the wind was fine for her. 

4. How was visibility for her in pillion?

Seated in the pillion position she actually could see over the top of my head and have a good view around on the Niken GT. 

5. Anything missing?

Where's my cupholder? NOTE: During one of our trips to Tail of the Dragon (via car) she saw a Goldwing with a cupholder for the pillion rider. Ever since, she wanted her own cupholder. 

ADDITIONAL RIDER'S THOUGHTS: From a rider's perspective, having the pillion was no problem, only issues I did run into was during dead stop at a light on an incline. As I was leaning forward to make sure the bike didn't roll back down the hill at a dead start, the back of my legs did bump into the front of her boots on her footpegs. Not a huge deal, but not sure I could have done much differently for the scenario. 

Now what was interesting is that next weekend we're planning on heading to Asheville, NC, to go see the mountain leaves change colors. Originally I was planning on driving the car but my lady was so comfortable on the bike that she actually suggested taking the Niken GT to Asheville. She's still adamant that a ride from Charlotte to Alaska is out of the question though, but she's definitely a keeper. :) 

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2019 Niken GT
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