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On order, Installed, and Looking forward to


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Still getting through break in :), likely to go in for first service Saturday :)

Installed: ASV C5 shorty levers

Have already: SW-MOTECH 'Daypack' Quicklock EVO Tankbag and may be using a Nelson Rig Tailpack for awhile

On order: EVO tank ring, ASV C5 shorty levers, Evotech radiator guard, lower Hardbag mounting kit from Yamaha, Heated comfort seat from Yamaha

Looking forward to (after I get some of the existing stuff paid off :)  : Hardcases from Yamaha, Tailpack mount from Yamaha (not sure if I'm going to get the 39L case or just use my soft tailpack) and heated grips (Probably OEM or Oxford). 


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Added the tankring and the radiator guard cover.  Tankring install is really easy, radiator guard is 4/5 busted knuckles dificult.  First service done.  Added the Hardbag mounting brackets and cases on order :)   2/5 on difficulty.

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