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New 900 GT owner here with a grand total of 40 miles on the odometer! 

Been out of motorcycling for 20 years and circumstances favored me getting a new bike so I jumped on it...and glad that I did too. This bike is great! My last bike was an `87 Kawasaki ZL1000 which I loved and stupidly got rid of. Think of a cruiser with a Ninja engine. Once those revs were up you`d better hang on (grin)

I`m a bit older (63) and I`d like to think wiser now and, boy, have bikes ever changed! Traction control, different modes, heated grips and even cruise control...seriously? Who`d have ever "thunk" it? I was dumbfounded by these advances.

Somehow, got the wife to agree to the purchase and have got to say, she`s a keeper (and so`s the bike)!

You`ll probably see me around here on occasion and if I ask a stupid question, please bear with me, shake your head and steer me in the right direction...

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Welcome back to motorcycling and welcome to the forum! 

Do your self a favor and check your chain free play, make sure it has 25-30 mm. Check other setup items and maint. items also.  Dealer competence has gone downhill since the 80's.☹️

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