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PIAA 1100P mounting woes


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IN the past, I have used PIAA fog and driving lights on other bikes. I ordered the "designed for Yamaha" 1100P version and and now wondering what I was thinking. I cannot locate a way to fit them onto the front forks or locate a fog light mounting bar here in the US. Yamaha makes one and sells them in Europe and I can probably order one from a bike dealer off eBay, but surely there is a way to get these to work.

Pix from PIAA and Yamaha show them mounted quite low, on the front forks but the included hardware doesn't work. Maybe I could locate longer hex bolts to actually reach since the ones in the box are short. Anyone ever used these before?

70mm LED Lights for Yamaha Motorcycles



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thanks. I have looked at the Givi mounts but cannot locate an actual picture of the mounts themselves. They always show them with lights. Hard to tell how they even attach.

Found this: 




That PIAA kit looks promising. Do you have a photo of one installed? Appreciate it.  

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Here is a thread where there is some discussion of aux light mounting.  I have procured most of the materials using inch measurements instead of metric.  Looks like a good way to mount lights.  Its very similar to the Givi.  My lights are small ones from Amazon - I use aux lights for daytime visibility as I tend to avoid riding at night - but good aux lights are important for those times I have to ride after dark.



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15 hours ago, 1moreroad said:

Blue loctite is holding them and they aren't rotating. These are just LP270s tho. Check with @keithu on his bigger PIAA lights, too. 



Thanks for the pics. You have yours where I was trying to mount the PIAAs. Had to find a much longer hex bolt to use through the top mounted PIAA brackets. I can get them to fit, but they are pressed up against part of the plastic on the forks. I could get it tight but would think at some point it would rattle loose and swing up or down. And haven't measured the length of supplied cables to see if they will reach from under the seat all the way down there. 

I really wish Yamaha would sell their light bar that mounts under the headlights in the US! It was made for PIAAs and has the top mounting opening needed, rather than bars I find here that assume your lights use a ring or clamp.

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