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I want one


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First thing I usually do to a new bike is exhaust swap if nothing more than to lose a few lbs. Prefer slipons due to ease and no tuning. Not crazy about noise so I usually leave the baffles in except on my last Suzuki I removed it due to the tune being better with it out.

I knew buying a Tracer with the underslung exhaust my options were limited to a full system which brings its own set of headaches with a tune. So if I want to stay stock tune my only option is the high dollar $$ Akro full system? They make a few different ones for the Tracer and I want to keep my center stand. I have read this entire section and it is confusing as to what I need.

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Thanks Joe! Pipe came to me packed very well, original box👍 

It is already on my bike. Took me maybe 45 minutes. Owning a bike lift sure eases things especially work like this. 

I have not fired it up yet, my wife works 2nd shift at a local hospital while I work from home. I’ll start it up in about two more hours when she’s up. 

Pretty good weight savings and that is what I wanted more than sound. 




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10 hours ago, Yamajank said:

Would like to hear this, and what brand? Model? Please?

No idea how to post a sound clip of it. Yes as posted it is the one for the Tracer and no tuning required. My bike runs no different than stock with it as far as fueling goes. Just sounds better and weighs less than stock system.

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