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Schuberth C4 Helmet


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I previously had a Schuberth c3 pro size Large which was very comfortable for all day riding.

I upgraded to a C4 Large when they came out (the earlier model) with an SC1 advanced comms unit. Unlike the C3 the fit on the C4 seems much tighter and after a while there is a hot spot on the top of my head that becomes quite painful. I have heard that the newer C4 pro has a fit very similar to the C3 and before I spend more money on a new C4 pro does anyone know if the sizing on the newer model is any different from the original C4? With the current COVID restrictions it's hard to actually go and try one on!



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I have upgraded from C3 to C4 Pro over a year ago. The sizes DO differ, M is now L (as I remember), so you might have a  smaller size. But that is something your supplier would be able to confirm. C4 and C4 Pro do not differ in size, only configuration.

But the spot on top is something I feel as well, although that is where I have a sore spot as well on my head. So not sure if this is for everyone.

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