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Loose Plate Light?


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Gave the bike it's first bath today and happen to notice that my plate light has a lot of play in it. I assume this is normal but without another Niken nearby there's no way to check another one. Is your plate light like this?

Hopefully that link works.

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this is normal and something you see on loads of bikes.

it think it's (a) because it's small prone to vibration, so allowing it to move prevents the bulb blowing and (b) it allows it to give a bit, if flying stones etc hit it.

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The lic plate light on my FJ is nearly as wobbly as yours.

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Thanks for the reply guys. I thought maybe it had to do with being attached to the swing arm. A rigid mounted light would take quite a pounding back there. I see the parts fiche calls what appears to be the nuts that hold the light on a "weight". Probably to further help dampen vibration.

From now on I will refer to this as a feature.😄

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