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3 hours ago, Waldo Jeffers said:

Hello everyone. New to the clan. I purchased my new Tracer 900 ~ a month ago. So far I love it, but been mostly riding in the cold and wet. PNW!

Welcome. Congrats on the new bike!  Where are you located?  Profile says PNW but map marker says Texas?

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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1 minute ago, rlambke19 said:

@Waldo Jeffers - are you a big Velvet Underground fan? Waldo Jeffers was the name of a character from their song "The Gift".

Sorry - random, I know...it's how my brain works. 🙂


You got it! I’ve used that username a few places and you’re the only one that’s gotten it. 👍

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