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Lunch and a chance encounter


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My oldest son came in from Murfreesboro TN.  We rented a Triumph Tiger 800 for him. Met some friends for breakfast at Southport Raw Bar ( French toast made of Bimini bread) 😱 Free Bloody Mary with breakfast 😋 btw

After the visit we headed south then west. South to Tamiami trail via Chrome Ave then west on Tamiami Trail. We stopped at the ValuJet memorial for a break.. We were headed to "Lucky Cole's" but for some reason they weren't open today 😕 So a high speed speed run to Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe was necessary to get there before they closed (try the she crab soup) 

A quick stop at the smallest post office in America and the "Skunkape" research center. 

Then another speed run back east to get out of the Everglades before it got dark. Tamiami Trail is not a friendly place after dark, mucho bugs and wildlife on the road. (Think alligators panthers and really big boa constrictors)

Along the way we ran into a couple of guy riding the nearly exact same bikes we were on, my 2015 FJ-09 and the rental 800 Tiger. These guys showed up on a 2016 FJ-09 Raven and a 1200 Tiger. 











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"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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