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Throttle Body Removal

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How in the name of Zues's butthole do you get to the clamps that hold the throttle bodies?

There has got to be something I'm missing here. I've tried allen sockets, extensions, universals... I feel like an idiot.
What in the world am I missing?

#2 clamp in diagram. They seem to be clocked in place by rubber tabs just like #20, but not in a convenient way.

This is as far as my son got before he called in the heavy's.

Before you ask, I'm doing this to lighten the throttle pull spring because my wrist is crap.
Like this:


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Hi , from my recent experience it's a little tricky to get to rubber number 3 opposite the timing side.

The first 2 screws ,  i mean #1and #2 were a little easy , you need a long flexible allen socket and a lot of patience.

After that you open the allen screws , disconnect the serrounding cables and shake back and forth all the assembly and it will be out.

You will find a lot of black residue on the bottom side.







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