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Hiya. Another Irish lad


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Hiya.   My 16 year old 1200gs crapped itself last week . Clutch problems.    Daily commuting killed it.   

Going to buy a standard tracer instead.   Going to see a few in the next week.   

Is there any common problems I should be checking for on the bike?  

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Yeah. so i went out and got one.   


Lots of fun.   engine is fantastic.      Not to sure I like the way it turns in though.    The GS was easy to tip in, lots of confidence and planted hard into the ground.  Easy to grind the side of the tires off. 

      The Tracer gets down so far and tips in hard and inconsistent .  Like she wants to fall inwards into the corner.      I ordered a new front tire as the current one has a little flat spot.    


What pressure do you guys run ..    Mez roadtec     cold wet conditions.               I usually run mid 30s  in winter to help get heat into the tire.   

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Pressures vary a lot on here. For me it is between 33-36 on the front, but its simple to try a few different pressures and just see which one suits your requirements and mood. The tip-in feeling does vary with pressure and brand of tyre. I like the Metzeler Roadtech for consistent feel at all angles, but also Pirelli Angels too. 

Having your forks correctly set up for you helps too as then they behave consistently as well.

Welcome to the forum.

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Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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3 hours ago, KTMKenny said:

What pressure do you guys run

Hi Kenny welcome to the forum. I've been running 36psi front and 42 psi on the rear with my Avon storm 3Dxm's no issues in the 4000 miles so far.

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