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*GONE* Tom Tom Rider 2013 - anyone in AU interested?

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I have a perfectly functional early model Tom Tom Rider that I have no further use for and am wondering if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands here in Aus?

It comes with a RAM mount attached to the power supply head unit that is wired for a 12V cigarette lighter plug (used it on my Tracer).  This could be re-wired to be hard-wired if so inclined/skilled.

Also included is a keyed locking system that prevents/deters would be thieves from removing it from your bike.

Like me, it is getting long in the tooth but also like me, has some life left in it yet. 😉

If you're interested, PM me for further info and to make me an offer I can't refuse! 🙂


TTrider 2013.jpg

TTrider 2013_2.jpg

TTrider 2013_3.jpg

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