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Made it home with fuel to spare - just?

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Went for a long overdue ride today.  I always fill the bike at home (jerry can) soon after my rides ready for the next trip but it would appear that I hadn't after the last one and fell into the old trap of the gauge showing full when in fact it had about 150kms already out of it.

I use my TRIP-1 as my, well, trip meter and I reset the TRIP-2 gauge every time I fill up - yes, I know, that should have been my clue - so I knew at least how far I should be able to go.

I was at nearly 330kms (205miles) when I got back with the fuel gauge in blink mode.  The TRIP-F gauge had started and had counted up to around 6kms.

Upshot of the story was that I managed to get home and maybe had another 30-50kms in the tank based on my MPG if I was gentle.

Book says 2.6L (0.69US gals) of reserve left when the blinking starts.

Think that sounds round about right based on other stories on the subject?



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I feel for ya.  I've run out of fuel twice at 190 miles (306 km).  Once I had failed to fill up after the previous ride and didn't make it to the nearest station before running out.  The other time I just neglected to look at the mileage until it was too late.  I carry two liters of emergency fuel with me now.

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