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Puig Windshield Color

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1 hour ago, kilo3 said:

Black, that way you can't see the water spots behind it you can't reach.

I bought mine used which came with a clear Puig tall......you have a good point about the water spots in an inaccessible spot.  My Tenere 700 three piece clear windshield is even worse.

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I have the Puig Racing smoke, and I recommend the black.

I have concluded that the main thing is the screen be either tall enough to put you in the bubble, or short enough to put you in the clean moving air. The bad thing is to be in the middle, with the helmet in the turbulent transition zone. The Puig Sport is short enough to put my 5'11.5" frame in the clean air if I sit up straight. If I slouch, I get some turbulence on my chin, but still better than my prior experiences (stock, then MRA Sport).

If any screen actually provides a smooth transition zone (between the still bubble and the clean moving air), I'd love to know. I suspect that a compact transition zone is the best that aerodynamics can really achieve. At least make the turbulent area small.

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I have the Puig dark smoke.  About twice a year I crest a hill blind because I can't see through the screen.  So far it hasn't bothered me enough to change it.  The air flow works for me. 

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