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Typical Valve Shim Size Range?


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What do all y'all usually find in there, anyway?

The set of 7.48mm valve shims I have only covers 1.50 - 1.75mm, which is the range usually found in the Suzuki V-Strom 650. They're pretty consistent; I've done valve checks on several Wees and never needed anything outside this range.

Do I need the big set for the FJ-09? Or would a "refill pack" in a different range work? Or is it all over the place?

Refill packs are available in different segments of the range: 1.50 -1.75mm, 1.80-2.05mm2.70-2.95mm, etc. with five of each shim for $35.

The full set goes from 1.20 to 3.50mm with three of each shim for $65 - $80 (depending on where you buy).

I like getting things done without extra trips or going a-begging at dealers.

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On my bike they were (factory) 1.800, 1.810 and 1.850 on exhaust side and 2.010 and 2.020 on the intake side. I bought a bunch of individual Pro-X shims as they come in .025mm increments. Work was done in the off-season so could order once I had it all measured, with a good idea what I needed.

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ProX valve shims are made of premium materials. Specific heat-treatment will ensure hardness of the shims to offer maximum durability and less wear. Next to the specific heat-treatment the shims are precision machined to match exact size. The ProX valve shims are available in complete assortment boxes as well as refill kits. Complete assortment boxes contain a full line of 7.48 mm or 9.48 mm shims for Japanese applications and 8.90 mm and 10.00 mm for KTM applications. Thicknesses range from 1.20 mm upto 3.50 mm. Incremental by 0.025 mm. For most models Japanese Dirt Bikes, Road Bikes and ATV’s and KTM applications, refill kits are available for each individual size and are packed per 5 pcs.

I already had the Hot Cam full set and sometimes wish for .25 mm but have gotten by.

Prox Racing Parts 29.VSA748 7.48mm Size 1.20mm-3.50mm Thick Valve Shim Kit

On Amazon Prime (link wouldn't paste)

Price: $78.06 


Buy ProX Valve Shims starting at 8.27 plus free shipping at Parts Giant.





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I did some more rummaging around and found some hints in an ancient forum thread showing shims in the 1.75 - 2.05 range. I might just order up the next "refill pack to cover 1.80-2.05 and I suspect that'll do the trick.

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On 2/12/2021 at 3:16 PM, bwringer said:


I did some more rummaging around and found some hints in an ancient forum thread showing shims in the 1.75 - 2.05 range. I might just order up the next "refill pack to cover 1.80-2.05 and I suspect that'll do the trick.

If you do that, you’ll be fine. 

Piotrek mentioned a common example of what your motor probably has in it. You’ll probably need a bunch of 1.75, 1.78, 1.80, 1.82 and 1.85 sizes but it’s one of those “Murphy’s law” kind of things where if you don’t order that range you mentioned above then that’s exactly what your engine will need. 

The exhaust valves on this motor go tight. Expect it and that way you won’t be concerned when you find it. It’s also not unusual to find one of the 2 ex valves per cylinder to be much tighter than the other. 

i’ll be curious to see what the new redesigned and Euro 5-meeting engine in the 9GT will be like after some miles/kms get on them...


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Everything worked out as expected!

The factory shims found in the bike were all 1.86 - 1.96mm (8 of the 12 shims were various original "oddball" sizes like 1.88, 1.91, etc.)

I ended up changing all 12 shims to get clearances at the upper end of the ranges. Some of the oddballs were re-used, and some of my kit shims were employed.

The exhaust valves were all tighter than spec. The intakes were all in spec, but right at the low end. A dealer tech probably would have left the intakes, but that's lazy and just not how I do things...

In the end, the shims now in the bike range from 1.75 to 1.92. All exhaust clearances are .28 or .30, and all intakes now at .18 or .20.

I did end up using 1.90 in four of the intakes, so I'm glad I bought the refill kit with five of each size and not the complete kit with just three of each. I also found one defective Hot Cams 1.90 shim; it looked like it slipped out of place in the grinder or something, and it was very slightly uneven; first time I've seen that! All except the defective shim measured bang on with a micrometer.

I then replenished my 1.90 shim supply in case I need it for other bikes (or mine in a year or two); 7.48 shims are used on skrillions of bikes, and you can buy five-packs of individual shim sizes easily enough through fleaBay and the usual suppliers.

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