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selling and delivering the old bike


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I'd say you met the seller more than half way!!

Did you roll the 500 in a single push?

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You sold him the bike with the check engine and oil lights on, more miles than advertised, and a cheap front tire?! That's what's wrong with this country these days. 

(just kidding. Glad you got such a great last ride in. What a great idea.)

And 50,000 miles in 6 years? I miss living in SoCal. 

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I can explain the cheap front tire, at least. He intends to make this more dirt worthy and sort of an adventure bike for dirt roads and light trails. I don't know what all he intends to do to make this a more dirty bike - it is not really a dual sport and I made that clear, it has a 17" cast front wheel, etc. But he had no interest in a street front tire. If I got a Michelin Road 5 (my usual) he'd have just torn it off with only a few hundred miles on it. 

The tire was a loss for me in the deal. But I considered it the price I paid for the fun delivery and fond farewell. 

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Popular meet place. Looks like Starbucks. Jealous of the weather. Following a guy on ADV forum riding something like this down in Mexico. Bike seems to be bullet proof.

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