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Seat Interchangeability


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It's kind of a given that the base model seat and the GT seat are interchangeable. I did my test ride on a GT but bought a base bike. One thing I liked better on the GT was the seat. I ordered a GT seat and as expected, it fits perfect. I planned on changing both front and rear seats over to the GT but found that either rear seat will fit with the front GT seat and I believe the base front seat as well though I didn't try it. I like the looks better with the base model rear seat and never carry a passenger so I'm leaving it on. Basically, any combination of factory Yamaha seats should work on either bike. If you change out the front seat you do need to move the body panels from the old to the new but it's a very simple job.

Pictures show the full GT seat and the GT front with the base rear.






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Looks like the GT rear  pillion provides a little more cushioning for pillion riders as well as a higher mini backrest/buttrest  for the Niken pilot. 

 I agree that visually the non GT pillion seat looks more aero. 

2019 Niken GT
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