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Cagers Gone WILD!!!

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Here is a link to an article about a recent traffic study conducted in the States over the past year.

Bottom line: record numbers of  cage drivers are exhibiting bad behavior, mostly speeding, that is driving fatalities to record levels.  This despite a reduction in total miles driven due to Covid lockdowns, etc.   As we enter the motorcycle season in the norther climes please keep this artl in mind.

Speeding, impairment, distraction and stupidity surround us as we joyfully celebrate spring on those long delayed rides. And every intersection could change your life forever.  Be safe. Be smart. Play defense.


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Well, that's timely.  I was just surfing these - erm, I mean totally working, psh.  Yeah, work.

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I've noticed that speed enforcement was almost non existent during the early part of the pandemic.  In June I took a long solo motorcycle trip.  Not too bad on the way out but on the way back speeds certainly picked up.  Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama were progressively worse.  In one stretch of 100 miles in Alabama I was passed by over 20 cars all over 100 mph.  At one point I passed a car  then moved to the center lane as I saw a couple of fast cars coming up.  Wahoo I was passed on the left and right by 2 cars on my left and a pickup and a car on my right.  Pickup was passing the cars in the left lane!  I saw not one LEO.  In September I again took a trip/adventure and came back a similar route.  That time the cars were much better behaved, did encounter a fair number of folks from Arkansas headed back home who were driving fast and aggressively but in Alabama only a couple of cars were in the 90+ MPH range.  Seems like LEO in the local area has gotten more aggressive with speed enforcement in the last 3 or 4 months.  I'm retired and generally avoid rush hour but do encounter more aggressive drivers still.  I drive a car, ride a motorcycle, ride a scooter and ride a bicycle.  Crazy drivers are pretty much the same folks no matter what I'm driving.  One of my favorite moments was riding my bicycle down a straight pretty level road with a 35mph speed limit and a double yellow line.  There was a van behind me that had chosen not to go on by and someone had passed him and me.  I went to make my left turn using clear signaling and moving to the center of the 2 lane road.  In my small rear view mirror I see a car on the wrong side of the road passing 3 or 4 cars and trying to go by the van and I.  They had an Oh s#@% moment as they slowed down and squeezed in.  I always have a backup plan and would have not made the turn if I felt like I was in danger.  I do run front and rear GoPros and had fun reviewing the video from the rear camera - I still have it LOL.  I have noticed on the interstates a marked decrease in the number of folks consistently running over 80 mph which is the real enforced speed limit.  I did have a Camaro pass going about 130 the other day but they were just playing a bit and slowed down after running it up to speed.  My problem is the fast folks cutting thru traffic not so much the folks running fast on an open road.  

I love my long solo motorcycle trips thru the western states.  So many noice open roads with not much traffic.

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