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Side pannier questions

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I used soft generic side cases for years. They work. There are better options if you are willing to spend the money.  I like the cases that come with the GT  (city cases) . They are narrow. No wider than the handlebars. I split lanes in stopped or very slow traffic, it makes a difference. I don't camp, hotels, motels and friends are my game.

I don't put much in them. Mostly maintenance stuff, chain, cleaning supplies, clothes I don't think I will use but may want/need, cold hot, whatever. A very small tool kit, flat tire kit, a very small jumpstart battery. None of it that I have used so far.

I live out of a 35 - 40 liter drybag. I have a small hard case (big camera size) on the back and a SW-Motech Engauge tank bag that holds my day needs. YMMV

@Ride365 yes if you have the lower brackets on your older FJ




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I got some Yamaha FJR1300 cases off ebay that were the same color as my FJ-09, added the Yamaha mounting brackets and I was set. Saved a bunch of money because they had a few scuffs. When the bags are off there is not much to see in the way of hardware.  I may respray the cases someday but for now I'm not bothered.

If you get bags that are not Yamaha, you will have to get mounting hardware/frame  from the same manufacturer as the panniers. Some have made there own and saved a bunch of cash. Do a search of this forum for 'side cases' to see.

Home mades...

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