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Dunlop Mutant Tire

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I have seen some riders really rail the twisties on tires that you would think are not suitable for doing so.  If this thing provides decent grip it might just be worth looking into for those who ride in all types of weather.  

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There is nothing like spending a day riding with friends in the grip of a shared obsession.

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12 hours ago, whisperquiet said:

Price per tire and expected tread life??

Price per tire - MSRP about 10% more than a Roadsmart 4.

Tread life - claiming tread life of a touring tire beyond a sport touring tire. So far I'm only seeing press releases.

13 hours ago, Salish900 said:

I ride slab that is dry or wet. Often wet! But I want smooth. Smooth, baby, smooth.

With all of the channels, this tire might be great in wet.  I could also see it cupping quickly.  🤷‍♂️ Hey, I finally found the "shrug" emoji!

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14 hours ago, whisperquiet said:

Price per tire and expected tread life??

The only thing I could find is this -

Fronts start at $186
Rears start at $194
per Ultimate Motorcycling article

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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2 hours ago, 1moreroad said:

I could also see it cupping quickly.

Yes, that too. Honestly, I don't see any advantage. Why would I go from a Road 5 or T31 or T32 to something less smooth, more likely to cup, be louder and feel lumpy? There is no practical way that tire is going to be better in the wet than the Michelin. Price seems no better. Color me unimpressed for my riding and bike. Looks almost as enduro as the Metzeler Karoo 3.  


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Looks pretty cool, and I'd consider it as a "poor mans winter tire" but I can't see how it's going to outperform a Road 5 unless you're doing light off-roading

Though I'd argue it's not going to be anywhere near like those Karoos.  The Mutants look very similar to my winters, which are actually quite smooth riding, not at all like the Karoos would be.


The key is the mostly contiguous centerline.  And the Mutants are much smoother towards the sides (as they're not expected to be functioning as paddles, I'd assume).  

I'd bet they'll be quite smooth and grippy, probably very good 4 season tires for sure, but I think the "jack of all trades" nature of them is going to be the downfall.  Modern 3 season sport touring tires (Road's, Roadteks, etc) specialize in dry+wet grip and longevity on pavement only where these Mutants seem to sacrifice some of that to move to adding some light offroad capability.

That's damn cool, if you regularly spend a bit of time on well maintained dirt roads, but I'd argue if you're actually doing any remotely serious offroad riding you'd be much better off with proper ADV tires, and if you're not going offroad at all as I said the extant ST tires are going to be better.


But this is all theory based on reading their press release (with a healthy helping of scepticism, admittedly, because press copy is always exaggerated) and the look of the tires.  I'm definitely curious about how they fair in actual use. 

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