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Air temp shown twice

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Perhaps I misunderstand my options, but it appears that we have no option but to have the ambient air temp displayed twice in my 2019 Tracer 900 GT. There is the permanent airtemp on the lower right, and then the A. Temp in the modifiable display area.

I know that I can change what is displayed and where in the modifiable display area. However, it appears to me that there are only enough selectable options to fit the 8 available slots. Therefore, you have to put the A. Temp somewhere unless you want to duplicate some items.

Do I have this wrong? Since Air temp is permanent, it seems there is no reason to have it in the modifiable display areas.

Many thanks for your thoughts.



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You're correct, but duplicating some elements between pages is not in any way a problem.  For example, on road trips I'll often have a page showing fuel consumption + trip 1 and another showing fuel consumption + trip 2.  

It's just one of the available data points you can set up on those pages, but yeah: it's the same sensor, so it's pretty redundant to have it on one of the pages.

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