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Scottoiler V system install question


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Hi guys

Bought a Scottolier V-system but can't find any model-specific info on how to install on my 2020 Tracer GT. I'm a little daunted by trying to find the vacuum point to connect it to. Can anyone help? Happy to also get tips on best mounting place for the resevoir but I did notice a couple of other topics on that. 


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Thanks. I guess this is as detailed as their model specific install instructions get. Is removing the tank and getting to those vacuum spigots relatively straightforward for someone (me!) that isn't very confident with tools?! tempted to retun it to swap for the X system so i don't have to worry about the vacuum hose, but that's another $100...

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Have a look there : it's possible to connect the suction pipe on the right spigot of the engine without removing the tank.

I also did it like this on mine.

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