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The roads around Pickwick Lake are becoming my go to for single day riding. AR for a weekend. GA and NC for a long weekend. But the roads around Pickwick Lake are pretty good for a day. Add some decent coffee and BBQ (but not on Sundays 😒) in several towns, some history with the Natchez Trace, Shiloh battlefield, and Lake Hill Motors mini-museum (but also not on Sundays) not to mention a great big lake and you could easily make a weekend there (or maybe Fri and Sat).

If you're into a mellow cruise, the Trace can be very Zen. I was able to enjoy it today. I went a little farther north well beyond the lake to ride 99 between Lawrenceburg and Waynesboro. Constant radius curves but I never got into it. Then Collinwood to Savannah on TN-203. A little better. Down to ride over the dam. Then back through Waterloo, AL. That's when the day clicked. 3rd gear felt smoother and it felt so easy to ride fast. Glad to have time to mellow out again on the Trace. 

Even found a photo op for @fddriver2.

The Trace over the TN River 




Mike's Cycles in Waynesboro. That's a Mitchell motorcycle.


Old pumper outside Collinwood Station 2


Pickwick Lake



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