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Oyo Cycle Double Bubble

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Oyo Cycle double bubble

TLDR - flows a lot of air and, to my ear, no more noisy than no windscreen. This is a definite improvement on the stock screen. Good build quality. $21

Ordered one of these from Amazon at, I think, @betoney's recommendation for more airflow.   It definitely flows more air without the turbulence of the stock screen.  60 degrees feels cold on the bike. 

At highway speeds, I can hear slightly more bass noise sitting normally compared to standing up in the wind, but, overall, the noise is about the same and nowhere near as loud as sitting behind the stock windscreen.  At city street speeds, it's absolutely quieter than the stock screen. I'm 5'10" with a 31" inseam

The thickness is about the same as the Givi. It has a nice, thick, rounded lip along the top of the screen. No sharp edges - it's finished nicely. 

There is some visual distortion looking straight through the bubble portion of the screen. 

It took over a month to ship from China. 

Overall it works well up to about 70 mph then it just gets too loud even with earplugs if I'm stuck on the interstate for an hour or more (yeah yeah I should get off the i-state, but sometimes I just have to get there). 

I'll probably put the tall screen back on the bike and only use this screen in the middle of the summer because I do commute on the bike for 3 seasons. Definitely glad to have tried this solution. 

(And ignore the zip tie - missing one screw and neither hardware store had an M5 in stock anywhere near the right length)


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