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GPS, Garmin vs Tomtom

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The Tomtom 550 has an upgraded processor and it's fast enough for me (not like a quality smart phone though). I got one for cheap recently even though I had researched and found that it has lots of problems in combination with iOS.

Tomtom are IMO dishonest in that they have kept selling this device for over 19 months while it does not work as advertised since iOS13. On android there are less issues. They have finally acknowledged this only a month ago in an update that still does not work. There are forums full of very angry owners, notably the TT support forum itself. The best we can do is use a workaround that brings the unit back to the basic functionality of a much older device (no smartphone integration). It also does not play nice with the Cardo Packtalk ; if you want audio from iphone and TT simultaneously it only works with a low quality HSP bluetooth connection for the TT (lo-fi distorted instructions). If you want Hi-fi A2DP Bluetooth you need to turn off your iphone connection.

I do some work in ICT and as you may have noticed I don't easily give up but I am quite confident after experimenting and hours of forum reading and interaction that there are currently no solutions for these problems and that TT gives the issues very low priority or are just incompetent.

That aside, I still prefer it over Garmin because it's primary function is showing me the way and, in Europe or in Belgium at least, TT is a lot better at doing that job. They are a Dutch company after all. Reading the above comments it seems like the reverse is true in the US.

My solution was to grab one very cheap from someone who bought a secondhand scooter with no need for the included GPS, now I don't mind so much what a terrible rip-off it is.

Not to be all negative but IMO it is pretty sad how hardware GPS devices are so much behind smartphone tech. Perhaps this is only true for motorcycle navigation as a niche? I haven't touched a car gps for many years, they are either integrated or I use my phone.

I think a young kickstart company that zoomed in on bringing motorcycle navigation to the next century would be a huge succes. Oh wait, there is something like this.. seems a little too basic for my use but I like the fresh approach!


Discover better journeys with Beeline, a better way of navigating on your...


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