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I just got my Tracer 900 two weeks ago and now that the weather has improved Im really engoying her. Coming from a  smaller Honda Im wondering what the idle speed should be?  I can pull away on this monster with no real revs required because of the torque I assume?  Honda had super low  smatchy 1st gear and needed to be feathered to pull away cleanly.  In this regard the Tracer is easier to start out than Honda!

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That triple idles smoothly at resting RPM so I don't notice. And you are right about how it pulls smoothly from the start with even a lazy set of wrists. I wrote about this in another post. It's almost like an automatic or DCT in how far it can go in each gear smoothly and with my 2019 assist and slipper clutch it feels like I am merely thinking of shifting and the darn thing has shifted. Amazing engineering, if you ask me. 

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