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Full Moon Madness

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Full moons can often make wild animals do some crazy things.

Like... take their Tracer up in the High Plains at 3am for nightime Moon shots with their Google Pixel phone.  😃  On the camera's "Night" settings, the full moon comes across as the Night Sun:



Bathing the High Plains in extraordinary light:






Aux Driving Lamps vs the Full Moon - not a fair contest; the Moon takes it:




Camera's night shooting can be amazing - in this overlook of Prosser, WA, you can see far-away Mt Rainier in the distance:



Moonlight so intense, it mimics the dawn's light - but this shot is facing west:




Full Moon Madness... is like life on fire.  🔥  🔥  🔥  🔥  🔥  🔥  🔥 


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