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Handy tool for making fork suspension tweaks on Yamaha OEM, Ohlins, K-Tech, etc... suspension


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Hey folks,   I have been working with local suspension tuners and have been making some small tools to help riders tweak their suspension setup easily on rides and such.  It's a small tool you can carry in a pocket easily on a ride and make preload, compression and rebound adjustments on your forks with no hassle.   I was on a ride yesterday and make a compression tweak... while riding as the tool was on a lanyard I could just reach up and make the change. 

I designed this initially just for the Tracer 900 community, and it evolved from there when I got involved with some of the off-road and racing community, it went from a small puck meant just for the Tracer 900/GT/MT-09 to something that can handle K-Tech, Ohlins, Nitron, Fox, and a number of other OEM and aftermarket front suspension. (know your preload/clicker sizes when you order)

JK3D Moto Fork Adjustment Tool - JK3D.us 

I dig the Tracer 900 community (and actively want to help)  so I am giving a 15% discount code for everyone here "tracer900net"
I have a whole list of Tracer 900 specific products and am adding more all the time, I am looking to get access to a FJ-09 and others to start tweaking products for some of the other Tracers!
Yamaha Tracer 900-900GT Specific Archives - JK3D.us 




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