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Rear blinkers stopped working......

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....and I have no idea why. It started with the left blinker, and now the right one as well. The fronts work just fine. 


Backing up a bit - I installed the TST led blinkers and flasher with built in load ballast for the LEDs. All of it has been working perfectly for over a year. Just the other day the left stopped working. I swapped leads and the left switch worked, but flashed the right blinker, so I was pretty sure it was a bad LED blinker. Got the replacement today and now neither work. I've carefully inspected the wiring, connections, fuses. The only thing I haven't done was confirm that the new ones work by connecting directly to the battery. I will go do that shortly. 


But the question - is there a common issue with losing the rear blinkers on these bikes?

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Well I fixed it. I would delete the thread but maybe it will help someone in the future. It came down to polarity. LEDs are polarity specific. For whatever reason the pigtails that plug into the Yamaha blinker connectors are polarity reversed where Blk is pos and Red is neg. The blinkers, I assume, are polarity correct with red = positive. I assume this because this is the second brand of LEDs I have purchased wired like this. I forgot that I had this same confusion when I initially installed the first set. So now I have black to red, and red to black and everything works peachy. 

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