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Hello from Kansas -- just got a Tracer 900 GT!

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Just picked up a 2020 Tracer 900 GT from Cycle Zone Motorsports in Topeka - nearest Yamaha dealer.  I bought it sight unseen when it was discounted online.  It is quite the machine.  I am moving up from a 25 HP Royal Enfield Himalayan and it will take a while to get used to so much power.  I have already installed engine guards from T-Rex ( just in case)  -- and a touring windshield  (it is essentially always very windy in Kansas).  I look forward to years of fun with this motorcycle.  Japanese manufacturing is really crazy. It is really a gorgeous machine. 

Best regards,



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Hi Curt.

Welcome to the forum!!! You have good taste (I have the same one and have 700 miles on mine). 

I'm curious what windshield you bought and if you rode it enough with the original to notice an improvement.


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I just hit 350 miles yesterday.  I took a nice long ride of about  100 miles with the new windshield -- and rare for Kansas -- there was very little wind. So I got to test it out.

I bought the Yamaha touring windshield.   I thought Yamaha probably knows a thing or two about aerodynamics.  But,  I do not notice any real positive benefit.  In fact, I think it directs more turbulent air at my head than the stock.  HOWEVER -- if I duck down a bit I can find a quiet zone.  I am tall-ish (6 foot) with short-ish legs (32 inches) and a big head.  (It's amazing I can balance when I walk,  Haha).  I had a lot of turbulence at 55 plus.  Very noisy.  Winds were less than 8 MPH.

On my first motorcycle (the Royal Enfield Himalayan -- which I still greatly enjoy!) I ordered a windscreen from CalSci. The stock windshield was rather small.   According to CalSci's website charts, I should have gotten a Large.  But, I got the X-Large.  It is very large indeed. In fact, I almost returned it for a smaller one after installing it.  But then I thought I would jut use it and have it cut down if I needed it.   Interestingly, if I sit up straight I can look over it -- if I slouch I can look through it.  It has a look that younger riders would not be caught dead on -- but I am 55 and could care less.  (That, and with my big head, long torso and short legs, how good could I look away?).  But the larger CalSci Himalayan is really great at cutting through the Kansas wind!  I find it perfect -- despite reading those that say NEVER look through a windshield.  It does act like a sail on very windy days.  But then again, when it gets really windy here, nothing but a mega-cruiser or mega-transcontinental tourer is going to feel comfortable -- and not that comfortable either.   

The Yamaha touring windshield for the Yamaha Tracer GT is 23 inches (I just went out and measured).  The CalSci XL windshield for the Tracer 900 GT is 24.5 inches (from their website).  The CalSci windshield also is vented to prevent back pressure.  I do not know the significance of that.

I think windshields are like shoes.  It is really hard to know what is going to be comfortable until you try them on.  Different sizes work for different people.   It has been my experience, at my height, that the Yamaha touring windshield is not optimal - for ME.  It is of course, beautifully made -- it is a Yamaha product.  I plan on buying one of those GIVI or other windscreen directional visors that attaches to the top of the windscreen to see if that will help give me the extra couple of inches of laminar air that I am seeking.

Best of luck.  If you get a windshield, please let me know how it works.

(I attached a pic of the RE Himalayan with the huge windshield.  It still had the plastic wrap on it, when I took the picture.  It is very well made.)


Best regards, Curt



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Welcome and congrats!

My bike came used with a Nat. Cycle Sport. I'm not going to go through the windshield search on THIS bike. Gets expensive. Done it too much on others.

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1 hour ago, Curt_from_Kansas said:

 I plan on buying one of those GIVI or other windscreen directional visors that attaches to the top of the windscreen to see if that will help give me the extra couple of inches of laminar air that I am seeking.

That will work for you - but do buy the one with twin mounts, not a single central mount.   And do consider a generic item - GIVI is far too costly IMHO, although of undoubted quality: mine cost me about AUD$46.

Pic below shows it on my SP's after-market excellent GIVI screen.   Enjoy the GT - a fine bike!


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Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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Thank you.  I will look at the GIVI with 2 point attachment.

Since my attention was turned to the windscreen today, I tried modifying my touring screen a little by putting a 1.5 cm spacer on the upper 2 attachment points of  the plexiglass.  Maybe that gives me the little extra laminar flow space I need.  When the thunderstorms move over, I will give it a spin to see!  

I agree.  The perfect windshield search is a never ending journey.

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