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Air Deflectors - Arms & Upper Body

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I recently purchased a VStream Touring Wind Deflector and like the improvements over the stock shield.  

Has anyone purchased or seen the equivalents of Baker Air Wings or other such wind deflectors to block wind creeping from the bottom of the shield to the upper body.  I do not have issues with buffeting near my head.

Perhaps I should have purchased a Madstad, as I believe it has small "winglets" at the bottom of the shield near the fairing.

Thank to everybody and anybody in advance. 


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Think you are correct on the MadStad.  I have a MRA which got rid of the crazy buffeting to my shoulders for the most part.  For me the 1st thing I noticed was the alternating hits I was getting from the buffeting.  Not a smooth flow hitting my shoulders but a back and forth pulsating buffering to my shoulders.  Aggravating after 10 minutes and really tiring over 500 miles at interstate speeds.  Only time I get it now is passing a big truck going over 75mph.  My impression of MadStad is they really do put you in a quiet pocket.  Had one on my BMW and it was good but still had wind noise from the top part of my helmet.  My biggest complaint was the lack of airflow to the helmet and during the summer months when it is hot and humid really missed the cooling flow to chin vent.

EDIT:  Haha reason I posted but then forgot to add was a member here added bigger side wings to a MadStad.

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I'm not aware of any winglets available from Madstad, but I have previously used both the medium and large V-Stream windshields and now have the 26" Madstad shield. The Madstad is smoother and quieter than either of the V-Streams. The Madstad actually has a large gap at the bottom, which I think eliminates negative pressure behind the windshield to smooth out airflow. 

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Actually, that's not completely accurate, I put spacers behind the OEM windshield, so it is more straight instead of a slanted angle, and that made a significant difference. I go the idea from someone on this forum.

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