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Cut and painted OEM windscreen


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With summer near I can put the big barn door windscreen away for a while and so went ahead and pulled out the old OEM. Given that it sucks, I went ahead and cut off about 2-3" just down to the widest point, which I measured would put the wind right below my neck for good air. I managed to scratch it slightly while cutting it, using a diamond tipped jigsaw blade meant for tile, and so went ahead and spray painted it. I first thought black, like every other one I've seen, but went with my bike color of gray. I have to say, I think it looks great. 

I should mention I'm 6'2"and this height of screen puts really nice air just where I need it for cooling. I went for a highway ride up to, someone might say, a bit more than the posted limit, and it was smooth air reaching my helmet. The bike itself is still a wobbly beast compared to my Connie or FJR, but I can live with that. 




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4 hours ago, Yamajank said:

I plan to experiment with mine soon by cutting a “cal-sci” vent in the middle of it.  

So I confess my biology background and have a wild idea that if you put a serrated edge on the tip of the scree, just as barn owls have on their wings, it should break up the flow of wind in a way to should reduce turbulence and noise. Barn owls have these perfect little feathers that face forward on the leading edge of their wings, and if you take a barn owl wing that is taxidermied and flap it, the wings are silent! Not so with a great horned. 

But I realize that a serrated edge might present other problems besides looking outrageous. I don't find my current cut screen above puts any turbulence on me, so I'm not motivated. By the way, I'm sorry but I posted this here not realizing there are two different spots for posting pics and I don't belong here in the rarified air of this GT spot, having a lowly plain 900 myself. Any mod feel free to move this out of this spot so I don't lower the property values...🤑

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5 hours ago, tktplz said:

Heck Yeah and the color of mat grey you used almost matches perfect. Good Job!  :D

Why thank you. It somehow feels more like my bike with that little bit of personalization. 

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