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Measuring Rear Sag?


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Hi Folks,

I weigh in at 220 without gear.  2015 FJ 09.  I bought the bike used from a super persnickity guy who I'm gusses tweaked ( not changed ) the stock suspension setting.   I have 44 MM of sag in the front by using the zip lock technique.  Any easy tips on measuring the rear sag?  It's set on #6 of the 7 adjustments.



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Slightly old question but if anyone is interested I used a KTM folding sag scale for measuring my rear sag.  I have a 2017 and I found that to get roughly 30mm sag front and back,  I had to set pre-load on the back to minimum and on the front to maximum.  I weigh 187lbs

The sag settings are crucial for the handling of the bike to be right.

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