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  1. Hello all, Im having some real issues with shifting on the Tracer and am nearly at my wits end. The bike has stock levers on it and has done 8000kms now, oil changed @ 1000km, 5000km, 7500km. I ride to work and back everyday - approx 50 kms in a day, most of which is filtering though slow moving cars - normally in 2nd /3rd (30-40 km/hr) and shift into 4th/ 5th (60-80km/hr) on the straighter stretches. Normally tnd to shift between 3k-4k rpm, what rpm do you guys normally shift at? I have done the following: - changed the clutch cable, - checked the free play (currently has 4ish mm at the perch - 2 threads or so on the engine side used), throttle has about 7mm freeplay - changed the oil & filter ( about 400km now on the new batch - 10w40 full synthetic) Could be my technique, but I dont seem to have any issues with any other bike apart from this one, so Im lost. Been riding close to 6 years now, but if someone has some tips I'd be happy to learn a new skill For the upshifts I tend to go preload gear and then clutch in, throttle off and quick flick up, clutch out. Sometimes this works, sometimes the transmission refuses to shift up and kinda locks up - I have to go on and off the clutch again before it will shift up. For the downshifts, I do clutch in, rev throttle a bit, gear lever down and clutch lever out. Ocassionally, shifts from 1 -> 2 get stuck in Neutral and I've tried lowering the shift lever. The weird thing is, adjustments seem to work beautifully for 3 days or so and then it goes back to clunky hard shifting - no adjustments made in between... Im just slowly going mad.... What am I doing wrong? Would someone be able to put up a pic of the freeplay amounts you have on your clutch / throttle please? Do any of you do anything differently? Appreciate any pointers. Cheers
  2. Hi @gotfz1, thank you for that Makes so much sense with the catalog numbers Much appreciated mate
  3. Hello, My apologies for this newbie question - but really wondering if after market levers can be used on another bike? I've been considering getting some for the FJ and they are rather pricey @ $300ish a set in AU. If I decide to sell the bike, can I swap them to be used on a Suzuki / Honda or are levers bike specific only? i.e may work with an MT-10, R1 etc but something within Yamaha or only FJ-09/MT-09 and nothing else and each bike is specific? Cheers J
  4. Righty, sounds good. I've not done much to the clutch adjustment because it seems in spec. On a side note, I put the bike on the stand and did the same when the bike was warm - just after I rode home from work, so coolant temp was about 90C, and it did the same thing - rear wheel spun with the clutch pulled in - 'seemed' a bit slower compared to when the oil was cold from yesterday, but not slow enough that I could stop with my boot. Is this normal too or sound like I should get it checked? Cheers
  5. Yup, @rocky, Im definitely not attempting anything like that. Should have been clearer - I had the engine was on and running in gear just to warm the chain up - didnt really want to get out and ride in the cold for a bit so figured I'd let the engine run with it on the stand. Then turn it all off and do the chain maintainence
  6. This is really late in the day, but I discovered this exact same thing today when attempting to warm the chain before a clean. Has me absolutely baffled - I've never seen this - on older bikes I could stop the tyre with my boot, not on this one though. @monterey10 did you ever figure out what the problem was and if so is there a solution? Cheers
  7. Thanks @vduboy. Thats good to hear. It doesnt appear to creep forward when at the lights or anything and I've got the clutch pulled in, but was completely baffled when the wheel kept spinning on the stand. To adjust the freeplay would this be the correct order? - adjust at the perch till all the way in (no threads showing) - adjust at the engine side till I have maybe 5 mm of play on the ball end of the lever? Is 5mm too little? Appreciate the help. Should I be changing the oil n filter this weekend to full synthetic as well just to be on the safe side? Was planning on doing it closer to the 10k mark when its due, couldnt hurt to get it done before I suppose
  8. Hello all, My first post, and great to be part of this forum. I have a question though, I've had an FJ-09 for about a year now and the transmission always seems to be a bit harder than I remember my older Kawasaki being - figured this was because the bike was new maybe? The bike has done approx 7000 kms and had its oil n filter changed around 4500kms - Yamalube 10w40. Anyway, came back home today and had the bike on the center stand and was giving it a clean, thought I'd clean the chain and relube it. Didnt want to go out in the cold to get the chain warm, so figured I'd put the bike on the stand and let the engine and chain run for a bit, stop the lot and then clean the chain. So started the bike and put it into first and found the rear wheel moving even with the clutch lever pulled in all the way.. have I broken my bike for it to do this? I put it in neutral and the rear wheel slowed down and came to a stop which I'd expect, but was expecting the rear wheel to stop when in first gear and the clutch pulled in all the way. With the clutch pulled in the rear wheel moves faster than I can stop it with my foot / hand, and goes faster with the clutch released. For what its worth I use the bike to commute to work only, no race type riding - the bike rarely sees rpm's above 4-5k, mostly sits around 3k. I've had a look at the clutch freeplay and possibly have no idea what Im doing there - it appears normal to me - about 12mm ish on the ball end of the lever, and about 3 turns in on the adjuster thing, and on the engine side about 2 turns in. Has anyone else come across this issue and if so how did you fix it? I'd really appreciate any help with this - apart from this one annoyance with the clutch I honestly think this is just about the perfect bike. Thanks Cheers