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  1. Thank you all for your answers 👋 Took it to the shop today. Turned out to be the clutch sensor, in the left side of the handbar. Was very difficult to remove, as small screws there were extremity tighten from factory. Maintenance was done with anticorrosive liquid... And that's it.
  2. Hi I have an FJ09 2016, 28,000 kms. Yesterday, on city commute, when stopping the motor for any reason, and trying to turn it on again, the switch was not working. No action at all... After trying 2 or 3 times, switching off and on the key, it worked back again. As if maybe the turn on button could have a false electric contact... Any ideas?
  3. I got the Airhawk seat cushion. Additional to reducing butt pain for a long trip, it gave me one or a bit more of a centimeter higher on the sitting position... Was a good difference. Thank you, HGP61
  4. Hi. For tall people like me (6'2"), the bike is ok for the first hour of driving, yet after that time, you start to get tired... The sitting position from the wrist up, it's fine as I did got handle bars risers. I have a Sargent seat, in the upper position. Yet as my legs are long, I have them too bent, and with the foot pegs a bit behind, like the usual sports bike. I miss the ergonomics of the old tenere xt660z... Was a tall bike for tall people, very comfortable. Any one of you with the same situation, has any suggestion on a possible modification or accessory in the FJ-09 to have it a bit more comfortable?
  5. Hi, I know that fj-09 and T7 (tenere 700) are different machines... Yet wanted to know if any of you have tested the T7 in high way. Even when the FJ-09 has a beautiful motor in terms of power and fun, the new T7 is taller and with an excellent riding position for us that are tall (1.91 mts) and it's CP2 700 cc motor is very torquey, with up to 200 kms / hr max
  6. Hi I have an FJ09 2016... Excellent conditions, 27,000 kms. In the last year, I have not used it much. I changed oil last July 2019 with Motul full synthetic... I heard that it can last around 10,000 kms. Yet, if I don't use the bike too much, viscosity is in degradation any way? Since last change I have had only 4000 kms, in around 6 months. Should I change the oil? Or wait until around 10,000 since last change?
  7. Hi My FJ-09 2016 just turned 25000 kms this weekend. I just saw the rear sprocket and the possible need for change. Wear signs are already there. How long a rear sprocket last in kms? I had a tenere xt660z for 4 years, and sprockets were still well at 25000 kms
  8. @texscottyd I just came back from the highway, after having the front wheel balanced. It was indeed, the solution. At 170 km /hr, the bike was flying smoothly... Fully recovered. Lesson learned, after changing a tire, balancing its a must. I'm happy 🙂 Thank you for the tip!
  9. In a car when you change the tire for a new one, balancing is necessary. I mentioned it to them and they said was not needed for this bike, even when I just changed the tire recently. How truth is it?
  10. Yamaha has reviewed it. Bearings are fine, Calipers were adjusted, bar suspension are fine . I tested the bike and I feel the same. I asked someone that has the same bike here in my town, even newer model... He feels worst, and says he have heard of others with the same issue.... I wonder if it's the wobbling many people have talked about. Yet I feel this is more a vibration than a wind wobbling
  11. I got the bike at 5,000 Kms; the bent was there already. I had been planning on buying a new one. Yet, in the past (couple of years ago), I recall running the bike with this situation, at 185 Kms / hr (ECU speed limit) and I don't remember this vibration. Already called the Yamaha dealer; they mentioned several factors... Bearings, suspension bars maintenance, the new tire, etc. Hope they get with the cause
  12. Hi, Yesterday I took the bike (fj 09, 2016, 24,000 kms) for a Sunday ride. On the highway I accelerated at 170 kms / hr. Starting around 145, I felt a vibration in the front... And you could see how the right hand bar vibrated a bit more. Just below 145 the bike is perfectly stable. It is not the wobbling people have reported. It was a vibration where the dashboard was showing it. It is not a motor produced vibration... It's clearly just frontal suspension Things that I think should be considered are : I recently changed the front tire for a continental trial attack 2. And second, is that the right front wheel disk has a little bent that you can feel when you press the front break. Wonder if this is a factor that may produce this vibration at high speed. .. Feeling it more in the right side of the front Taking it tomorrow to the yamaha shop. Any deas?
  13. I have had this bike for 2.5 years now. I very much like its esthetic, love the motor, it's power, the sound... It's a good ship to feel and drink the feeling of power on the road I have installed a skid plate, mirror raisers, hand bar raiser, Sargent seat... And adjusted the suspension. Before this one I had a tenere xt660z for four years. I consider the FJ09 as a basic, elegant machine, fun for my senses. Not perfect, but it's a very good toy, for a 51 years old guy that smiles riding it
  14. There are several posts on this forum regarding vibrations. For me was a pain to find after several months of doing research etc., that the cause was very simple: chain tension. 1 to 1.5 inch slack must be measured you being ON the bike, specially if you are heavy weight . With the proper tension and slack, vibrations disappeared for me. Motor softness can be even improved if you use full synthetic oil, like Motul
  15. I'll try it. Yet having the seat in the lower position will bend more my legs... I'm 1.91mts tall