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  1. Searching the forums I couldn't find this topic anywhere. Please reply with a link if it does. What I'm aiming to do here is showcase the bike's reliability through reporting your mileage and experiences with the bike. Hopefully this will show us all how long we can expect our Tracers to last and what issues to watch out for as we pile on the miles. I'll start: Year FJ09/MT09/Tracer 900: 2015 Frequency of use: Year-round, warm climate (non-winter blend gas). Current mileage: 19,500 mi Riding habits: commuting/touring. lots of day trips (3-6 hr runs). I'm not very gentle, plenty of revs/wheelies/etc. Non-cosmetic modifications: Vcyclenut tune, Delkevic full system exhaust, O2 sensor delete, Ebay-special steering damper. Mechanical/Electrical failures: None Maintenance Schedule adhered: I delayed changing the spark plugs until 18,000 miles. original plugs looked fine but swapped anyway. all other items performed at recommended intervals. Show me some high mileage triples y'all.
  2. I've been trying to find the best way to launch the FJ from a full stop, drag race style. As all of my practice has been on a private road (not a drag strip or track), and this is my first bike I have ever drag raced, I'm not sure what is fastest. I just have my butt-dyno and gut feel to figure if i'm going faster or not. I have a method, but i'm not sure if its the fastest one. -Turn off TCS. A mode. -1st gear roll on throttle from idle feathering the clutch, trying to keep the wheel down. -shifts at or around 10k-11k rpms. I've recently flashed the ECU (vcyclenut tune) so it will be interesting to see the difference when I really try to race like this again. Any tips or tricks for a better launch, let me know y'alls thoughts or experiences. Also for the interested, I've gone head to head with a stock+exhaust 2nd gen FZ1 on my stock+exhaust FJ-09. The FJ-09 takes an early lead on it, but after 90-100 mph the FZ1 starts to walk on me. We'll see what happens now that it's tuned!
  3. Dbeau you beautiful bastard thats all i needed. Cylinder 2 and 3's wires were crossed. Bike fired up on the first try after that. Thanks to everyone who offered advice!
  4. The display shows up as it should, im assuming that the flash and ecu are ok. Ill also check again to see if the check engine light is on. How else can i check this?
  5. Well, title says it all. I decided to replace sparkplugs, put a K&N air filter in, tune the ecu (vcyclenut tune), remove the o2 sensor, and put it all back together. After reassembly, the bike wont start. Some notes: -When trying to start, the bike will sometimes sputter or "quietly" backfire. -I smell gas when turning the motor over. Im thinking its possible i didn't plug something in (or i didnt plug the sparkplug wires in in the correct order) as you have to remove the tank, airbox, ecu, and air induction system to get to the plugs. If anyone has any ideas on what to check as i tear the bike down again please let me know. Also if anyone has a go-by diagram or picture of which plug goes to which sparkplug, please let me know!