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  1. Hmmm, didn't notice and you're right. All the owner said was it's in good shape. Not much communication which makes me nervous to drive four hours to be disappointed. CCT, APE UNIT?
  2. Hey, thanks! Is the wobble and speed limiter that bad? A big reason I want this bike is to be able to tour on my own and maybe every now and then go a little "quick" with some buddies. Even if I don't go fast, I like knowing I can. I see I can flash the ECU, but is the wobble really a deal breaker like I read a lot?
  3. Awesome news to here, I'm pretty excited about the bike. Yes, I am actually worried about that, and you made me realize I'm super cheap and need to learn when not to try and haggle. I'm gonna drive down there on Thursday, hopefully, it doesn't get snatched up!
  4. Pretty excited about the bike and price, but before I get too hyped want to see if I need a reality check. First, the bike is about four hours away from me and I'm gonna bring a buddy to pick it up. The reason I'm doing this is that it's listed at 4.8k where in my area the lowest I see is 6.5k. He said he will go down to 4.6k. The bike has 17k miles and I won't be able to do a PPI. Is there anything I should look for when checking out the bike? Is the mileage too high and not doing a PPI may be a big mistake? I have basic mechanical knowledge and going to ask to test ride it. I plan on calling him the night before and asking questions about the title and etc. Price seems too low. Gonna use the bike to ride some distance and ride with buddies who have things like FZ1 and FZ09s. Anyway, looking for advice and opinions. First time out of a cruiser and first time purchasing this far away.