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  1. Draco,

    Do you recommend the going to the rear 16/47 sprocket ratio? 

    Do you notice any disadvantages to doing this?  Do I need to change out my entire final drive (chain and both sprockets) or can I only change the rear with good effect?

    1. draco_1967


      I have been happy with it. The main disadvantage is the bike will run at a little higher RPM at speed. I haven't noticed a significant drop in fuel economy, except at long highway runs at 85mph. The extra feeling of torque in lower RPMs is nice. 

      You can change just the sprocket. The stock chain length is long enough to fit the larger sprocket, but there insn't much room for extra slack on a new chain (I just replaced the chain, and I barely had enough for the proper chain slack). If your chain and sprockets already have lots of miles, check the front sprocket. I am finding those wear faster than the rear.