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  1. Hey guys, I just order this from Amazon.ca and it came in today. I wanted to let you all know it plugs in and works great with my ELM Bluetooth OBD2 the plug fitment is good and the quality seems good It came in 1 day too to ontario Canada.
  2. hey all i am thinking about a tune or tuner. i have a 2018 tracer 900 with the full TI akro. stock air box and stock filter. is there anything like the power commander that has a tune that i can down load thanks
  3. hey i see your in ontario, who did the flash on your ECU and whats it cost and what was the reason other then to change the fan turn on temp???
  4. for the 900cc bikes what are your engine coolant temps at. today the ambient temp was 28c the bike in city traffic was 80c-105c (closer to 105c and the rad fan turning on when at stop lights if it was a long stop light. on the highway it was in the 65-70c range. does this sound normal? oil level is good, coolant level is good the RPM when riding is on the lower side 3000-5000 and i am easy on the throttle.
  5. on my 2018 tracer 900, the handle bar top clamps are longer to the front of the bike then they need to be. There is also a threaded bolt hole on each one..... What are these for. There must be a reason. Is this where the OEM yamaha GPS bracket mounts???
  6. i have a 2018 tracer 900 i am looking for the OEM yamaha side cases.. i am located in oshawa ontario canada. and dont mind to drive a bit to get them
  7. hey all, i have a 2018 tracer 900. i know we have switched power plugs. should be on the left side, behind the front left turn signal. i am looking to get the MT09 Aux power connector so i can make my Garmin GPS plug and play. will the 2amp limit be enough to power a GPS? also I believe there is a grey and a white connector... can anyone tell me on which page the Service Manual tells me which one i should use. i remember somthing about one of them would be for yamaha OEM heated grips. and the other should be for adding a GPS or USB. the one under the seat/back of the gas tank is for the quick shifter. the one of the right side behind the right front turn signal is for AUX lights. i am just looking to confirm this with the Service Manual but i cant seem to find the info i am looking for.
  8. hey all, i can find one for the 2019, but not for the 2018, is there any differences??? should i just down load the 2019 even though i have a 2018 bike??? any one have any good links for the downloads the one i found is $10 USD
  9. hello my name is alex. I just purchased a 2018 tracer 900 the dealership shop is 2-3 weeks out for safety checks so i dont pick up the bike for a couple of weeks. the bike has 4800km full Yamaha Akra exhaust Yamaha LED signals factory Yamaha heated grips OEM intergrated like the GT bikes. so the only other light that is non LED is the license plate light