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  1. Hello to all, 

    I'm Steve, a new member.  My current ride is a NC750X which I plan to replace.  My search has narrowed to a 900 GT.  I haven't ridden one (impossible in Canada this time of year).  i have watch a gazillion YouTube videos though lol. I feel like the 900 is going to give me what I've been missing...an exciting ride!  Sort of a combination of my previous VFR800 and my FJR 1300 (my two favorite bikes).  Let me cut to the chase...

    Seems that 900 owners don't like 3 things  about their bikes(could be more, but i see these as the big ones) 1. front suspension,  2. windscreen,  3 seat.   Sort of bummed by the idea I have to spend $1,000 or more to make the bike livable.  The new one has made "improvements" in all these areas (if you believe the press).

    Here's the math.  I can get a new 19 for $12,200 (one left at this price) a new 20 for (guessing) $14,200 (at least 8 around at this price) or order a 21 for $17,400 with delivery in April?

    Three questions:

    1. From what I've read,19 and 20 versions are identical, other than colour.  Anybody disagree?

    2. Are any of you happy with the 900, the way it came from the factory?

    3. As owners, you have the  experience I lack. Knowing what you know, would you go 19, 20 or 21?

    I know the decision is up to me,  but we've all been where I am now.

    My thanks for any thoughts,



    1. texscottyd


      Hi @SilverSteve - Welcome to the forum!   Lots of good information here, and no shortage of (semi-educated) opinions to offer. 

      The 2021 model Tracer 9 is the great unknown here.   While we're all paying attention to the updates and changes of the new model, nobody has actually ridden it yet.   Based on the significant improvements that the Tracer GT brought forward from the original FJ-09, I anticipate the new model will be much better still.   Aesthetics are highly subjective, but I'm not 100% sold on the new styling theme... maybe it will grow on me over time.    For the price savings of a 'new non-current' 2019 model, you have lots of room to potentially update to your personal taste and preference... 

      If I may suggest, post this into one of the primary discussion boards, instead of in a status update.   These tend to get overlooked easily on the forum for some reason, and you're likely to get much more feedback from a topic in one of the main forums.


    2. SilverSteve


      Thanks for the feedback Scott.  trust a newbie to post in the place.  Will repost in the primary.