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  1. I’ve been using a Titan Power cable for a couple of years on the FJ, and so far it’s held up well. The 90 degree cable end is really helpful to avoid interference with the plastic trim around the fuel tank. I have the 18” length, and use the same setup you have: USB outlet left of the dash, and iPhone dead center on the bars between the clamps. I usually just make one loop around the bars between the clamps, and the length works perfectly. The Titan Smart Cable™ Avoid frustration from broken iPhone...
  2. Someday in the future, my kids will be sorting through my shop, and will find literally hundreds of random gems like this. It’s my way of paying it forward for them not cleaning their rooms when they were younger:
  3. Well now you’re just getting greedy! I haven’t seen that yet, fortunately. I bought the Pro Bolt stainless rotor bolts, caliper bolts, and pinch bolt when I did the big brake upgrade, and this Ti axle nut (and a few other things) ‘accidentally’ fell into the online shopping cart as I was on my way to the cashier. My exceedingly patient wife, who almost never asks about such things, raised her eyebrows a bit when the AmEx statement appeared: “You spent how much on bolts??”
  4. Fair warning: Visiting the Pro Bolt website can be expensive. I found all kinds of stuff that I didn’t know I needed (until suddenly I did need them), including that Ti axle nut.
  5. Just reading that sentence makes me smile...
  6. I actually did the big brake upgrade a couple of years back... about the same time I bought these Galfer steel lines. EBC 320 rotors, HH pads, and stock rubber lines: I can hear the Sesame Street song playing in my head: “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong...”
  7. Yeah, it’s been one of those ‘tomorrow’ projects for something like 2 years now. After I finish this, I’ll send my 2017 taxes to the IRS! 😇
  8. It’s a thankless job usually, but know that I REALLY do appreciate all you guys do to keep the lights on around here. In your honor, I’m stripping the bike down to (finally) install the steel brake lines and AIS block off plates.
  9. @redfjniner - I just noticed this in your signature: "2015 FJ-09: 100,920 m" Are those US miles, like, you know... the long ones? Glad to see these bikes consistently getting well into 6 digits. I'm only 1/4 of the way there, so definitely need to get out and ride some more.
  10. @maximNikenGT - Here’s a few pages on the topic, after I had an impromptu roadside consultation with law enforcement last year...
  11. @Kyronix - That looks fantastic! I’m not a big fan of matte finishes on a vehicle, so this is a big improvement in my eyes. Just to clarify, is that the stock matte blue paint that you shot a gloss clearcoat over? Or is it an entire new paint color applied?
  12. To me, the most interesting part of the MT-09 reviews I’ve seen is the chassis revision. Assuming that carries over to the Tracer9 (why would it not?), it may be a significantly better handling motorcycle than its predecessors. From the article above: “The most significant change to the MT-09 is its chassis. The all-new aluminum twin-spar frame and swingarm are significantly stiffer than before, creating a much more planted and sporty motorcycle. Moreover, the KYB suspension is completely revised and much more controlled than what was present in previous generations. ” I certainly like that sound of that!