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  1. Unfortunately I can’t help you with the diameter & pitch specs, but it sounds like someone else may be able to get that for you. Good luck & keep us posted
  2. @whitecrow - Relax, breathe... you’re going to be fine. Since you got the nut off, it already cleaned up the threads and fixed part of the problem. Do you have a new countershaft nut to use? If you lubricate it and thread it back on, you may find that it goes on just fine. If not, don’t force the issue, and clean up as described above. Patience is your friend... The important threads at the bottom are fine, so it’s just the ones out there by the staking recess that need a little TLC. And enjoy your trip!
  3. I‘ve had that same revelation... The officer yesterday definitely checked, and with not so much as a parking ticket, decided I must not be a frequent offender. Another subtle thing I’ve done since I was 15: I wear a suit & tie in my drivers license photo, along with a fresh haircut & shave. Maybe it doesn’t make any difference, but somehow I feel like it subliminally does...
  4. Agreed, but that CP3 motor is forever tempting me to do irresponsible things... 😇
  5. You must be this tall to ride the attraction:
  6. Mine mostly turned loose before it turned gray, but same net effect I suppose. 285 miles today with no further law enforcement contact, so all is well.
  7. Perfectly stated. I wish everyone shared this perspective...
  8. I’ve always taken the approach of being honest, humble, and respectful. I waved an acknowledgment & started to pull over as soon as the lights came on & it was obvious he was turning around, and then pulled off at a turnout where we could safely get well off the highway. I figure if they have to chase you down, it just raises their blood pressure before you even make first contact. I had my helmet off before the officer exited his car, and was standing a bit away from the bike... I’m admittedly a pretty non-threatening guy (clean cut, balding, no tattoos or piercings), but I still didn’t want to do anything to make him nervous or suspicious of my intentions. I told him I had a mask in the saddlebag, and then waited for his okay to get it out... he seemed to appreciate that. The discussion was quick. I acknowledged I was speeding, said 80 sounded about right, apologized but didn’t make any excuse... He checked my paperwork, called in my license from his car, then came back & sent me on my way. He specifically thanked me for ‘owning it’ and wished me a nice day. This was the Texas Department of Public Safety (our state highway patrol), who have a reputation for being fair but stern... generally, if you get a ticket from the DPS, you legitimately deserved it.
  9. After a morning of heavy rains, the weather cleared up enough for me to sneak out for a quick ride. Random play of music over the helmet speakers, and out of the 5,000+ songs in my iTunes, the first three it spun up were: ”I Fought the Law” - The Clash ”Police Truck” - Dead Kennedys ”A Pig is a Pig” - Plasmatics Discussions & opinions of my music library aside, what’s the common theme here? Just about the time I thought “that’s a weird coincidence” I got tagged with instant on radar as I crested a small hill... 80 in a 55, and he had me dead-to-rights. The cosmos was trying to warn me, but I didn’t pick up the message in time. Fortunately the officer was very cool, and ended up letting me go with a warning since my license, registration, and insurance were all in proper order. Lucky break... I’ll pay more attention next time.
  10. Wow, that’s going all in on a brand new bike. Pictures by any chance? I would love to see how that looks...
  11. But if you’re willing to, the results are spectacular...
  12. I don't want to be a buzzkill here, but I would pay very close attention to ground clearance with those panniers if you start cornering with any enthusiasm. The bottom outside edge looks like it would drag way before the centerstand or footpegs (which already aren't that difficult to touch down) and weight in the bags will further compress the rear suspension... I will say that dragging the luggage does sound like a bad-ass bench racing story!
  13. I'm assuming an RD350, but I have no idea about the self-canceling turn signals. Red sounds right though, around 1974 or so?
  14. Indeed. I just had the revelation that the Bell Race Star carbon helmet I’m looking to buy costs twice as much as the (admittedly ratty) CB400F I bought as my first street bike.