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  1. Monday 1/18/2021. I covered about 300 spirited miles northwest of Houston, including about 25 miles of dirt & gravel forest roads. Great day to be out riding!
  2. That’s correct on the US-spec bikes, although I’m not sure of the rest of the world. The Gen-1 FJ (2015-2017) was governed to 114 indicated, but that was removed with the introduction of the Tracer GT. If memory serves, the Tracers were introduced in 2018 as a 2019 model bike, so there technically isn’t a 2018 model year FJ or Tracer in the US.
  3. And... I spoke too soon. Mine gave up mid-ride today. The voltmeter still works, so I know it’s getting power, but both USB outlets are dead. My guess is the bike’s vibration did in something in the voltage transformer. Oh well, they’re cheap and I have another one on the shelf... Anyone have a source for a durable, high-quality dual USB port? I would gladly pay more to get one that is going to last...
  4. No idea what happened there... I edited the post to get something different. The patio project looks nice! I have several home projects that need to get back on track; most notably the workshop renovations & improvements.
  5. Cleaned it up yesterday, and heading out for 300 miles or so today. I still think the 2015 red was the best color they ever offered in these bikes...
  6. It seems to be reasonably water resistant, but I certainly wouldn’t assume it’s waterproof. I’ve had this one on the bike for about a year, and been caught out in the rain several times with no issues. I do keep that cover snapped closed when not in use, and try to avoid spraying it directly when washing the bike. So far, so good. I actually bought two of them, figuring they’re cheap enough that having a spare on standby wasn’t a bad idea.
  7. Sorry to hear about your issues... that’s a really bad design with the stock axle blocks. I have the Gilles Tooling adjusters on mine. Beautifully made, work great, and a bit more subtle than the LightTechs. They’re still around if you search a bit... here’s a vendor that showed up in a quick search for $130: Chain Adjusters by Gilles Tooling for Yamaha FZ-09 : Motorcycle Goodies Yamaha FZ-09 Chain Adjusters by...
  8. You are seriously over-estimating the quality of work I’ve seen on some bikes over the years...
  9. I forgot about that little detail... sorry! The opening needs to be enlarged just slightly to get the new outlet to fit. I did it in about 10 minutes with a combination hand file and a grinding stone in my power drill. The metal is soft, and you only need a fraction more clearance... it sounds more complicated than it actually is. Just stuff a towel down underneath the hole if you want to try and capture any metal shavings.
  10. Yep, that little snap connector is a bit weird. I also used a small screwdriver & pick that I have (looks like a dentist tool) to gently pry it open from the top... that approach worked fine, and I was able to close it back up when I was finished with the wiring. That’s just a plastic collar holding the assembly in place, which threads off like a standard nut. Gently tapping with a punch should knock it loose. Good luck with the swap. I really like the dual USB outlet on my FJ
  11. Welcome @NYTracer... we’re glad you’re here! I think you’re going to love your new Tracer GT, especially once it gets warmer than 23 degrees.
  12. I know, right? It’s exactly the one I would build myself, as a next-gen replacement for my beloved (but long gone) XR400 motard. Unfortunately, it’s not as semi-local as I thought: I saw Hillsboro and immediately thought Texas. But it’s actually in Hillsboro, Oregon... 2,000 miles away, and not 200.
  13. That’s why I love this place... everyone here is so supportive of my needs! It’s perhaps a bit over-priced, but there’s also no way I could build one for what they’re asking. I’ll ponder until Tuesday when the shop opens & maybe give them a call to discuss...
  14. I just found this CRF450L for sale semi-locally. @koth442 I’m sure you would approve: Lead me not into temptation... 😈😇