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  1. Totally understand, and that was kind of half-joke, half-semi-serious. I guess the math nets to only 25% serious? I rented a Road King in Honolulu for a day, and put about 400 miles on it going around the island... Around left, then halfway around right, then over & back the middle a couple of times. It was a very, very nice motorcycle, and one I would consider owning if I (a) regularly carried a passenger, or (b) had the ability to travel regularly for multiple days at a time on a bike. Unfortunately I have neither right now, so there isn't a spot in the stable for a touring rig. That Guzzi MGX-21 is just such an outrageously unconventional exercise from Moto Guzzi that I found it really intruiging. It's beautifully finished, has the quirky Guzzi traits that I find endearing, and the love-or-hate styling actually works for me. Courtesy of the internet, I've found brand new ones for $10K - $11K... that could be a fun fly & ride adventure.
  2. Today, I fiddled with suspension settings (pulled the forks up another 2 mm), and then took a trip down memory lane. While cleaning up, I found this tucked away with some paperwork in the 'misc stuff' drawer of my toolbox: Valve adjustment notes from my old FJ1200...
  3. 8mm, 6 point, 1/4" drive, deep. I swear I've been through a dozen of those things over the years, and my current one seems to have gone AWOL from the toolbox sometime in the last couple of days...
  4. Not irrelevant at all, @betoney. I was fascinated by the new Gold Wing, so took one for a test ride back in the summer. It was a huge evolution from the older Gold Wings, and I was incredibly impressed with the execution. What I didn't feel was any emotional connection... It was hard to find any flaws, but also hard to find any character. Full disclosure: I had the same challenge with the ST1300 I owned briefly, so it's clearly a pattern/personal problem with me. I wrote about it here:
  5. Fair enough. So how about the FJ and a MGX-21 bagger? I’ve had a secret lust for one of these things since they first appeared... seems like way more character and quirky charm than an HD Street Glide. At $22k it wasn’t something I would seriously consider, but at closer to $13k for a brand new non-current, it’s a bit more tempting.
  6. We’re huge enablers around here... just ask @coachluciano! I’m always supportive when it comes to spending someone else’s money on motorcycle & car parts.
  7. Just so you know, admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting help...
  8. Great choice! I have the Pazzo levers on my FJ, and love them... worth every penny. I went with the long levers on both sides; black with red adjusters. It's nice to be able to mix & match lever styles and colors...
  9. Ah yes, safety wire: The novice racer hazing ritual... Hardest compound known to man? Easy... the Hondaminium that they make CBR600F2 brake caliper bolts from.
  10. Looking at my red 2015 FJ, sitting in the sun after a quick wash, I’m reminded just how much I like this color... I still can’t fathom why a similarly traditional mono-color paint scheme isn’t available on the new GTs. -Scott
  11. I 100% agree. I run my 2015 FJ with the factory Yamaha bags on all the time, along with the Yamaha top rack. I removed the license plate bracket & just bolted the plate directly to the fender, and replaced the OEM pumpkin signals with factory LED signals from the Super Tenere. Personally, I think it’s clean & visually well-balanced.
  12. You are a better man than I am... It was 45F here this morning, and I was thinking "it's kind of cool outside"
  13. @wordsmith - I personally really like the looks of the R9T, although I’ve never ridden one. It was the R1200C of 20-ish years ago the still stands out in my mind as the huge BMW misfire...
  14. Oh really? Perhaps I could interest you in a smoking deal on a Gen-1 Mille R? You could put dirt bike bars on it & take off the lower fairing, then pretend it’s a Tuono...