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  1. Hi @Lisa - Welcome, and congratulations on the new bike... you’re going to love the FJ! I was going to suggest exactly what @keithu suggested: Remove the screen entirely and see what you think. For me, no screen was much more pleasant than the stock windscreen. Based on that, I settled on a CalSci tinted shorty screen for my 2015 FJ, and have been very pleased with that choice. I’m 6’1”, however, so it’s hard to say if it would be right for you. Yamaha FJ-09 Windshields
  2. I'm REALLY fortunate to have had a profession photographer friend with a press pass back when I was racing, or all I would have is a handful of random, far-way, out-of-focus snapshots. I'll go back separately and put together a history of memorable past street bikes, but this lowly Honda Hawk GT is unquestionably the bike I most enjoyed racing:
  3. No worries at all... I think most of us are pretty limited on pictures from the pre-digital era. This is the only known photo of me on the GSXR, so I'm thrilled just to see someone other than myself post a photo of my racing exploits!
  4. Cool... that’s me! There were a ton of us racing GSXRs back in the 1990s, chasing Suzuki contingency money (along with Michelin ‘BibBucks’, EBC brake money, etc). This would have been my 1992 GSXR 750, the last of the oil-air cooled bikes, just before the big pig 1993 water-cooled GSXR appeared. Fond memories of this motorcycle, and the overall era for the sport. It really was the golden age of road racing in the US.
  5. Square-four two-stroke... ultra cool motorcycle. A few trickled into the US from Canada, but they’ve always been rare. 35 years on, and they’re still exotic.
  6. Exactly the method I use: I reset Trip 2 when leaving the garage, and Trip 1 whenever I fill the tank. I personally prefer keeping the total odometer mileage in the last slot of the primary menu, because, well... I have no idea why. I just do. I guess I’m a “set it and forget it” person. I’ve been known to occasionally scroll through the menus looking for air temperature (quantitative verification of the “f@$k it’s hot” impression), but otherwise I don’t mess with it. Your approach of using current tank fuel mileage to estimate available range makes perfect sense, however, and engineering me is embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of that previously...
  7. I’m really enjoying this thread, and seeing some interesting patterns emerge. The Honda CB series is heavily represented, the Suzuki GS and Kawasaki GPz seem to have been gateway drugs, and almost all of us owned a supersport bike (or five) at some point along the way. Plus, of course, some odd outliers thrown in for good measure...
  8. This raised my curiosity, since I have never paid any attention to the the fuel mileage readout. It’s not in the configuration of the primary menu on my ‘15 FJ (Trip 1, Trip 2, Odometer), so I’ve never even thought about it... and absolutely have never reset it. The answer to a question I never had asked: 42.5 mpg average over 18k miles
  9. Outstanding choice, @justin. I have the Pazzos on my 2015 FJ (standard length, black with the red adjusters), and have been 100% satisfied with them. You do get what you pay for with quality components.
  10. Because the yellow is too subtle, right? If memory serves, it’s an updated, shaft drive version of the NT650 Hawk GT hiding under all that Elite On Steroids bodywork. Should be bulletproof, once you do the basics to get it back on the road... carbs, brakes, remove mice from airbox, etc
  11. Tom seems mighty chipper, considering the situation.
  12. Every time I hear some one complain about the abrupt on/off throttle response of the FJ, I think back to my H1 and chuckle... You’re being very generous in your summary of the handling. To me, it was almost diabolical. And for added entertainment value, the brakes were occasional, at best. But it didn’t kill me, so the memories are good.
  13. @betoney - I know you've changed gearing on your FJ. Any impact at all on the speedometer accuracy?
  14. That is bad ass... I love it! It's total retro-chic, but looks to have been really well done. I would own that now in a heartbeat. Here's my friend's recently completed resto-mod Norton 850. Beautifully done, and made to actually be ridden: