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  1. Was it the Bagster seat, perhaps? It seems to come highly recommended by forum members...
  2. Where are you located? I might have an interested buyer if you’re ‘geographically desirable’. The fact that you measure distances in km suggests you’re not especially close to southeast Texas, alas... EDIT: Never mind. Your profile clearly says Ottawa, Ontario. Good luck with the sale, however. The Ulysses seems to have a pretty healthy following, so I doubt you'll have much trouble finding a buyer. Oh, and welcome to the forum! We look forward to your participation.
  3. “Mountain” @fddriver2? My local topography along the Texas Gulf Coast isn’t much different. My house is at about 75 feet above sea level, and I still laugh at a town a bit east of here: Mont Belvieu. Trust me on this, it is neither mountainous nor beautiful...
  4. The floor of my shop is epoxy painted, but for the ‘regular garage’ I’ve just thrown an old area rug down where I keep some of the bikes parked. It is especially useful for bikes like the FJ that stay on a center stand, as it keeps the bare concrete from potentially getting scratched up. Not fancy, but functional...
  5. @fddriver2 - I’m pretty sure that 25 meters elevation would be enough to exclude most of your local geography...
  6. I think you were closer with the first guess... I’m thinking 1962-1963 range Galaxie, maybe? That side trim is confusing me, however, since I don’t recognize it from a Ford of that era.
  7. Welcome @Jdenkevitz! The Tracer is a fantastic weekend tourer & explorer, so I’m sure you’re going to love it. Quite an upgrade from a CM450. Lots of collective knowledge on this forum... We look forward to you participating.
  8. @Jdenkevitz - Spectacular scenery... thanks for posting! Nice to see some activity in this thread again, too. Go ahead and pick the next target, and glad you’re participating.
  9. Hi there @exstowner - Did you have the battery out of the bike while hooking up the terminals for the charger? The battery in these bikes lays on its side, and there have been many cases of people reinstalling the battery with the terminals reversed... if you drop the battery in using a conventional ‘upright’ orientation, the positive & negative terminals end up swapped from where they should be. No permanent damage is done, fortunately, but it will blow a couple of fuses that you would have to replace.
  10. So, tell me about the new French biscuits... You’ve got the suspension to really use/need good tires, so I’m glad you replaced the OEM D222 rim protectors.
  11. @donk - At the risk of just repeating what’s already been said, I would start with good brake pads and a thorough flush & bleed of the system. I have the 320mm EBC rotors & HH pads on my FJ, and while I love the package upgrade, I suspect that the pads alone would have yielded about 80% of the benefits. With my current setup the brakes are very good, but still not what I would call truly outstanding... I have a set of Galfer lines to install, but I think that’s as far as I will go with the brake project. Next step would be swapping master cylinder and calipers, which I don’t think I’m going to pursue. Well, probably not...
  12. There’s a deal for the right person. I have the same Gilles Tooling chain adjusters on my FJ, and really like them. Beautifully made, and functionally superior to the stock set up.
  13. Nice @betoney! I have a full set of Galfer lines that have been sitting quietly on the shelf for over a year... maybe this will motivate me to finally get my hands dirty and install them. I’ve heard stories of it being a complex job, but actually looking at the bike it doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal. I guess we’ll both find out soon enough.
  14. I’ve always heard great things about Rocky Mountain ATV, although I haven’t purchased from them personally. A quick check shows about $365 for a pair of PR5s delivered to my door in Houston, which seems about right. I paid $407 out the door for my last pair mounted & balanced at my favorite local shop I like to support. I think you’ll really like the Michelins, by the way. I’ve run PR4s and now PR5s on my 2015 FJ, and been very pleased with the performance & wear ratio.