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  1. If one of you is out & about enjoying the fall colors, please add to the Photo Game thread & pick another topic...
  2. Exactly what I did to wire the USB power port into the factory switched power connectors behind the windscreen: I used the female 'cover' that came on the plug, added connectors and wires, and spliced/soldered into the wires of the USB outlet. Clean & simple, and the bike's original wiring is 100% intact.
  3. My favorite part of freestyle backroad exploring is finding these cool little gems of local Americana... great stuff!
  4. It’s been great having you here with us! Congratulations on the new Guzzi... I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.
  5. @PhotoAl - It’s interesting that you mention the 636, as I still have my race prepped 2003 ZX6R 636. I grabbed this picture in the truck’s headlights as I was pulling into the shop this evening. I raced it through 2008, then used it when I was instructing for a track day program until about 2015. It’s been sitting up since then, which is really a shame... it’s still a great motorcycle. I’ve contemplated making it into something of a sport standard or streetfighter, but can’t quite make up my mind. It’s really well set up (AK-20s, Penske triple shock, Brembo master cylinder, RR slipper clutch, etc), and a ball to ride. It deserves a better fate than collecting cobwebs in the shop.
  6. Pro tip: Don’t overthink the random mechanical noises these bikes generate. My FJ has clunked, rattled, buzzed, and whined over 20k miles, with zero mechanical issues. These are just mechanically ‘busy’ motorcycles, and I’ve found that good ear plugs make it a much more pleasant experience. Enjoy your bike!
  7. Excellent suggestion @koth442 Amended: Your Tracer/FJ with the changing season (Fall Colors or Spring Flowers)
  8. It seems like we’ve missed fall colors pictures so far this season. Your Tracer/FJ with the changing Fall Colors.
  9. Go ride. The race is easy to catch on replay, but an FJ is best experienced as a live event.
  10. Very nice! I noticed the excursion around Possum Kingdom... I have fond memories of there from when I was just a little kid. How was the ride?
  11. Yep! It seems like the perfect bookend to the FJ for me, as a 55 year old recovering road racer. I’m still stubbornly hanging onto my Aprilia Mille R, but I almost never ride it anymore... it’s just too uncomfortable as a street bike. Pure supersport bikes are definitely behind me at this point, but a high-spec middleweight sport standard still sounds very appealing I rode a KTM 890 Duke R, and was very impressed, and the Aprilia 660 Tuono looks to be just as tempting.
  12. I’m anxiously awaiting the details of the Tuono announcements. I love the look of the monochome Acid Gold RS 660, and hope there’s a similar solid color option on the Tuono.
  13. The plot thickens: $11,300 USD is way less money than I was anticipating for the new RS 660 Aprilia RS 660 Priced at $11,300 for the United States - Asphalt & Rubber The Aprilia RS 660 just debuted with a...
  14. I took the liberty of updating your route map, @fddriver2:
  15. I'll pick that as 'best day of the tour' Sounds like a fantastic trip! I'm more than just a little jealous...