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  1. Triumph is one of a few brands that I haven't owned yet. Came really close to buying a Street Triple, but then the FZ09 came out a bunch cheaper and I got one instead. Then, I opened up the cheap ass forks and wished that I had gotten the Triumph instead.
  2. Yes, we Moderators take turns flying around the world, setting up camp in each members front yards, drinking beers, peeing in your bushes, banging the neighbor lady and tossing butts on your driveway. Your lawn isnt due until next year, see ya then!
  3. Will let you know for sure!
  4. I'd much rather have a Zero Electric bike. Better charging and range for a lot less money. Zero is actually built in the USA. In fact the Zero makes more power, is faster, is lighter and costs a lot less money than the Livewire. I have no idea why anyone would buy the Livewire over the Zero. The Zero SR/F makes 140 lb-ft of torque, which blows away the Harley’s 86 lb-ft. Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs Zero Motorcycles SR/F: Electric Bike Battle Royale It's a battle royale between the two biggest names in electric...
  5. Cruizin

    Exploring Idaho

    Some amazing single track in Lowman. Got a cabin up there. Kinda of Kentucky, but pretty cool people actually. Mostly Bosian's trying to get away from Boise. And yes, he is weird. I expect him to go off and shoot some people when things get rough, and then stand there and talk to them as they bleed out.
  6. Cruizin

    Exploring Idaho

    Was it the state trooper? He got me last summer coming down banner summit. Rumor is that he gave his own mother a speeding ticket. He lives in Lowman. Are you on the Facebook group chicken strips and lattes? It's a local ride group.
  7. Cruizin

    Exploring Idaho

    I eat there all the time, Its 30 minutes from my home if the road is clear. An awesome spot! Maybe next year, I'll organize a western ride event here . This summer, we will be locked in our homes, waiting for the military supply drops.
  8. Cruizin

    Exploring Idaho

    I do the lowman loop often in summer/fall . It's an awesome ride.
  9. we rarely have to ban anyone. I do ban people for phucking with our volunnteer moderators, cause they were all hand picked for being really cool and rational people.
  10. I dunno. Out of my four forums, it happens far more on this forum than the others lately.
  11. I wish. I would be a very very rich man.
  12. I was gonna buy from Power Motorsports thanks to the recommendation above. But now I'm looking at the possibility of having to take two unpaid weeks from work if/when I catch this virus. I have money saved up to cover two weeks, but that cuts out of my "New Bike" budget. I want the new Ninja, but would sure as hell settle for a 2019 model at that price after this sickness hysteria is over. I'm done with ADV bikes. Too tall, without the ability to actually take em off road. I was thinking about the Tenere 700, but its too freaking heavy to take off road or on trails. There is no "one bike fits" all solution for me. I am on a two bike limit so I'm going with one true dirtbike for trails, and a sports tourer for commuting and canyon carving. What I like about the ninja 1000 is that I can lean forward for the Canyons, but can also sit up straight for around town and highway riding. I have short legs, on a dirtbike that means leaning the bike over to put one foot down when I stop. But on the road, that sucks at every traffic stop on a tall ADV bike. I'm 5' 11" , with 30" inseam. Tall trunk, short legs.
  13. Account deleted. Sorry that you didn't enjoy your free experience on our forum community.
  14. I agree with you on that. Many insurance companies charge huge rates for it because of the ninja name and past experiences with squids killing themselves on the ninjas of old. Time to dump the ninja name.