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  1. Bump, have sold a few of these so far. Mine hasnt arived yet, has anyone else's arrived yet?
  2. not currently an option but im looking into it. For now, just click on the pin of each peerson in that area and then see their profile and if they have posted lately.
  3. Damn, sorry to hear that. Let me know by phone if there is anything I can do to help.
  4. I held off on this for a few months, debating if i should add these or not, didn't want to appear to be profiting off a freaking pandemic. Teespring is kind of expensive, but i found a way to donate $1.00 from every sale to feed children in need, a promotion that Teespring is running. The store is here , https://teespring.com/stores/fj-09-tracer-900-forum-store. Masks are at bottom of page.
  5. Pattonme was a vendor, but then his job went haywire and he no longer has time to be a vendor. End of story.
  6. If you also want a matching tune to increase power, smooth out the fueling and get rid of the restrictive emmisions, get ahold of @2wheeldynoworks one of our vendors. They make crazy low tune/exhaust package deals. Can't be beat!
  7. With sales tax and everything the dealer charges, it was $11,235 OTD total. Sales tax was a bunch of it.
  8. KLR was and is a great dual sport bike. There is such thing as "too much" power when riding a big bike offroad. The KLR has hundreds of thousands of loyal riders all over the world. I expect Kawasaki to surprise us all with a new KLR soon, and it will probably be an amazing bike.
  9. Oh hell, this thing would run circles around a KLR and i think it will do really well on the dirt too. My only goal for tomorrow is to get this bike filthy dirty. I'll report back. Suspension really surprised me. Alot better than my FJ09 was, worlds better than my MT09 was. Just needs to be revalved and resprung for my weight.
  10. Just got home from breaking it in. Amazing bike, love the CP2 engine. Revs for days, the suspension isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Handles extremely well. Got 51 MPG on my trip and I was revving the hell out of it and doing alot of engine braking to seat the rings. Gonna go see some dirtroads tomorrow.
  11. Rode 20 miles and kept the rpms fluctuating up and then engine brake down. Draining oil and changing filter tonight.
  12. Nah, I just ordered a Tenere 700, supposed to get here early June. I'll be way too busy riding the piss out of that and fixing the stuff I break on it to start a new forum. Plus, there is already a large ninja 1000 forum out there.