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  1. Cruizin

    Hi from GA (metro Atlanta)

    Welcome to the forum @Chris Pope thanks for joining. If you have some killer pics, click on Gallery and start an album, upload some pics.
  2. Cruizin

    Hi From Indiana

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. Welcome @Novtec1 to the premium member program!
  4. How to post pics and do stuff on the forum.  


  5. Ok, so we made the big change to the new forum. And now there is so much new stuff. 1. Login. If you were a member before the change, you have to click on 'Forgot Password" when logging in. The system will then send you an email (check junk folder) and you must click the link in the email and change your password. Then, login as normal! 2. Set up your Profile page. Click on your username at the top right of the forum. Now, click on "Profile". From here, you can upload your little "Profile pic" and this is the little pic that goes up nxt to all of your posts. Now, upload your Profile's "Cover Photo". Like Facebook this is the big cover pic that goes at the top of your profile. Not done yet! Now, click on "Edit Profile" and turn on "Status Updates". then scroll down and click "Save". 3. What the heck are "Status Updates"? Its the social media portion of our website. You can post status updates from your profile page and logged in members will see what you posted, displayed on the main forum page. Place an @ before someone's username and your post will appear on their status update. You can share pics, you can share posts from the forum, you can share stuff from outside of this website, too. 4. How to post pics. From a new post or Status update, you can upload pics from your device to this website and they will display where you post them. In a Post or Status Update, go to the bottom left and click on "Choose Files" . If your image is already hosted on a website somewhere, just copy the "Share link" and come back here to your new post or status update, and click on "insert other media" and follow the directions to paste in the URL. This is also where you load Gif's. More tips coming soon, check back for more!
  6. Any Forum questions today, folks? 

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    2. estell


      The expanded view in All Activity shows only two lines of a post rather than the full post. Is there a way to show more of the post without clicking on the thread topic?

    3. Cruizin


      @estell You will have to click on the post and open it to see the rest of the post. 

    4. Cruizin


      @BBB   Just like in Status updates, we can either upload pics from our devices right into a post or status update, or into an album in Gallery. 

      To upload pics from your device, click "choose files" in the bottom left of a post or status update. This stores the pics on our server.

      You can also do this by dragging and dropping your pic into your post/status update. 

      You can also share pics that are already hosted somewhere else by clicking on "insert other media"  on bottom right of your post/status update. 


      You can see who was last to post in a topic in "all activity".   It shows who posted last. 

      If you are looking at the static "recent posts" box on the main forum page, no, that will not show who posted last, it only shows who created the thread.  If I switched it to who posted last, then someone would ask me if I could switch it back.  

  7. Looking for "recent threads"? Click "ALL ACTIVITY". It's better. 

  8. Cruizin


    That poor Dog needs a CRF too!
  9. Have not been able to locate profile setting for status updates....

    1. Cruizin


      Go to 

      Profile, then edit profile, then turn on status updates.  Then scroll down and click save. Its easy

    2. Cruizin


      @Trey   Well you must have found it, being that you are sending me a profile update. 

  10. Change color? Click on "theme" at the bottom of the website. 

  11. Enhanced image storage added to our new Gallery for Premium Members. Looking forward to seeing their artwork.
  12. When are you fools gonna start your Album in Gallery? 

  13. Cruizin

    Cruizin's Album

    We can all create own own Albums, and this is mine. Premium Members get expanded photo storage.
  14. That's odd, maybe your adblocker is blocking the script? I dunno Sending you a pm.
  15. @sterlinggold has a cool Cover pic on their Profile page.