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  1. PRemium memebrs get unlimited overall storage. I don't remember what the total limit is but yes, regular members are limited to how many pics they can have hosted on the forum. Bike owners post a ton of pics, and now these camera uploads are 8-12 MB each. When you consider that we have thousands of memebrs, you can imagine the expensive hosting bill that I am trying to avoid having each month.
  2. I just enlarged the total per post image size limits for free members. If it blocks you again, then you have filled your total pic hosting limits and you can go delete some old images.
  3. Which is why most of us recommend using rocky mountain ATV. Fill out the forum online, they take care of everything else.
  4. Gonna be giving away something in a forum contest soon.Stay tuned! 

  5. Loggers and forest fire fighters use this stuff and swear by it.
  6. Good motorcycle boots and jackets should last a very very long time, as leathers that are hundreds of years old are in museums all over the world. But left untreated, leather dries, cracksa and fades. I have been using Obenauf LP leather conditioner for years on my workboots and motorcycle leathers and boots. It has no petroleum or parrfin in it, it's beeswax and other natural ingredients and it's even better than mink oil for leather. Rub them into old boots and then add a 2nd treatment, and they will start to look and feel new again. Rub it into new motorcycle boots and again ever six months, and those boots should last you forever. Im about to treat my Sidi Canyons and will post before and after pics. Its been years since I treated them, slap me. You cant beat this stuff, used by leather tanners and craftsmen all over the world. Also good for leather seats. It also waterproofs your leathers. https://www.amazon.com/Obenaufs-Leather-Conditioner-Natural-Beeswax/dp/B0002X520S/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=obenaufs+heavy+duty+lp&qid=1554271096&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  7. Big thanks to @sirepair for donating and becoming a one year premium member! All procedds go right back into this forum and cover hosting costs as well as adding new features! Thanks for helping to make the forum so great for everyone!
  8. Got my gloves , they are freaking awesome. Comfy, protective and great ventilation.
  9. Cruizin

    Rpha 70?

    Looks like a great helmet and Revzilla has it on sale HJC RPHA 70 ST Helmet | 10% ($40.00) Off! WWW.REVZILLA.COM With touring comfort and track-level aerodynamics, the RPHA 70 ST is the perfect companion for long days on the bike.
  10. I would go to linked in, search Yamaha USA and then search employees and start sending messages. That's how I ended a dispute with a large company, reached out to 30 top managers via LinkedIn and got answers in 24 hours.
  11. I have one hanging on the wall and it is what I use when I go to Moab on the red rocks. Amazing rock tire. It is like cheating, your right!
  12. I have that on the back of my KTM 250 and it's amazing on the dirt and rocks but Chunks off on the tarmac.
  13. Its because you do not yet have 25 posts. This is due to two reasons. 1. Its a good anti spam measure. 2. To protect the members from scams. Not by any means accusing you of being a spammer or scammer, it's just a good general practice for those who run forums and want to keep a good forum alive and happy. Feel free to keep posting, we have boards and topics for damn near any subject that you can think of. Also, be sure to put your pin on our member map, and go into your profile and enter location and bike model.