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  1. Hello, can you help me to find the smart line cruise control for my Tracer 900 -2015?

  2. Its a security setting to stop attackers from using too many resources. Remember, this is a free website.
  3. Turns out security settings changed last software update. Must login with email address instead of username. This stops AI programs from trying each one of the displayed usernames for easy passwords to breach.
  4. Did ya consider the possibility of holiday travel?
  5. Holding out for the 2030 electric Tracer GT with warp drive, auto blowjob seat and 800 mile range.
  6. Hi can you change my user name from "Farm Force" to "Turd Ferguson"

  7. Hi Cruizin.  What happened?... If I may ask.

  8. Bump, have sold a few of these so far. Mine hasnt arived yet, has anyone else's arrived yet?
  9. not currently an option but im looking into it. For now, just click on the pin of each peerson in that area and then see their profile and if they have posted lately.
  10. Damn, sorry to hear that. Let me know by phone if there is anything I can do to help.
  11. I held off on this for a few months, debating if i should add these or not, didn't want to appear to be profiting off a freaking pandemic. Teespring is kind of expensive, but i found a way to donate $1.00 from every sale to feed children in need, a promotion that Teespring is running. The store is here , https://teespring.com/stores/fj-09-tracer-900-forum-store. Masks are at bottom of page.
  12. Pattonme was a vendor, but then his job went haywire and he no longer has time to be a vendor. End of story.
  13. If you also want a matching tune to increase power, smooth out the fueling and get rid of the restrictive emmisions, get ahold of @2wheeldynoworks one of our vendors. They make crazy low tune/exhaust package deals. Can't be beat!