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  1. Wordsmith, do you have a tracer GT? I ask because you posted this thread in the GT section.
  2. Cruizin

    fJ09 bang for the buck

    Please dont put FJ topics in the GT board. 😀
  3. Cruizin

    What boots do you ride in?

    Man, I just got these Sidi Canyon Goretex Boots And man, they are the best boots I have ever owned. Great for ADV and sporttouring, but unlike most riding boots, you can actually walk around in these and be comfortable. Pretty trick ratcheting strap to get em fit perfectly. And, they are extremely waterproof. I wore em in a downpour the other day and rode 130 miles and my feet were the only dry thing on me. Sizing I am a size 10 1/2 and the 11's fit me perfect. Five Stars Cruizin rating
  4. Cruizin

    Happy New Year Tracer900.net!

    Did you guys see this?
  5. Cruizin

    GT Corbin Seat are coming!

    If Corbin became a vendor and opened up a group buy they would sell a shet ton of these.
  6. Cruizin

    What boots do you ride in?

    I still love my Sidi Canyon Boots. 100% waterproof, and easy to walk in after you get off the bike. The ratcheting strap system is genius, so easy to tighten and loosen these boots. In my experience, these are the very best street bike boots I have ever owned. So comfortable, rugged, protective, weather proof, easy to walk in.
  7. Cruizin

    New member, not owner yet

    Welcome to our forum. Someone may decide to answer all of those questions, if they have the time. But I do suggest looking around the forum, reading, using our search feature. We are happy that you found our forum, welcome.
  8. Some of us have noticed that there are false likes being assigned to posts randomly. Lets say that you are reading a thread, and then you noticed that you gave a post a "like" . But, you never actually liked that post. I have reported this situation to the software makers, and they have never heard of this happening before. So, Iv'e started this thread for them to see examples. If you see a post that shows that you liked it, but you know for sure that you did not like that post, please post the URL here in this thread. You can get the url to a post by clicking on the share icon at the top right of a post.
  9. Im gonna just let these like's run their course. Any other moves we take will result in us losing our likes count. The worse that will happen is that we all have too many likes. Is this such a bad thing? I say not.
  10. Sharing this on our Facebook page.
  11. Are you doing anything to your bike this winter? Have it torn down for annual maintenance? Upgrading parts? We have noticed a huge decrease in submitted tech tips lately, and this is when people usually do their most work on their bikes, when they cant ride anyways. Please consider going to the tech tip section and writing up a DIY while working on your bikes. It will be seen by and help thousands of other Tracer 900 members for years to come.
  12. thought that I would start a thread of interesting stuff popping up for the FJ-09 on Ebay and Amazon. Feel free to add on, but please keep it to Ebay or Amazon parts. In fact, please keep them in here to reduce clutter on the forums. Yamaha Genuine rear rack for 169.95 Carbon Fiber? Rear hugger mudguard for $92.50 FJ-09 Lowering Links for $84.00 Genuine Yamaha Tall Windshield for $184.95 FJ-09 Engine Protector Set for $317.99 In case you drop your bike or lowside.
  13. Welcome to the Premium Member program, @Batgirl ! Thanks for helping the forum! All premium member funds go right back into the forum!
  14. This forum is free for everyone to use. Being Premium is not required. Enjoy our forum , I built it for you all to use! At the same time, I've spent thousands way too much of my own money on this place, time to spread out the costs among those willing to chip in on so much good info, Tracer/FJ/GT DIY tech tips that have saved everyone so much money on having to pay mechanics by DIY our bikes. To reward those who contribute, I have come up with a Premium Member benefit program. *Ad Free forum experience *Unlimited image storage "Status updates, Forum and Gallery". *One pic allowed in Signature. *4 lines of text allowed in Signature. **Your own Blog on the forum. Yes, your own full powered blog with comments and image uploads. **Gallery Album with expanded options enabled. HUGE storage capability settings! ** *Expanded bandwidth. *Premium Member tag and Badge. *Forum Posts stand out, slightly highlighted, hey, It's premium. *Can use animated profile pics. *Can edit posts "silently"-(won't show that the post has been edited). Tons more features as well. Click "Donate" at the top of the website to sign up! $50 for Year, or $4.99 month. IF you choose monthly, you MUST also checkmark the box "Make this a monthly donation" or you will drop down to a regular member in 30 days. You can cancel anytime by logging into Paypal and go to subscriptions, cancel monthly subscription. After clicking the donation button, choose monthly or annual, and ENTER FORUM USERNAME INTO THE TEXT FIELD! New Premium Members-Thanks for helping our forum! 12/8/18 @coachluciano @mikerbiker @2and3cylinders @texscottyd
  15. The "forgot password" button appears when you click on "sign in", on the botom of the box that pops up.
  16. Big thank to @bbp for helping the forum by joining the premium member program ! Welcome to the club!
  17. Big thanks to @fjray for joining the premium member program! Now, upload an avatar and profile cover pic!
  18. Cruizin

    Suspension kits

    @pattonme is a suspension vendor here on the forum.
  19. Reminder, to change theme color, scroll to the bottom of the forum and click on "Theme". You can choose from Dark or light. I use Dark at home, light at work.
  20. Ok, so we made the big change to the new forum. And now there is so much new stuff. 1. Login. If you were a member before the change, you have to click on 'Forgot Password" first time that you login. The system will then send you an email (check junk folder) and you must click the link in the email and change your password. Then, login as normal! 2. Set up your Profile page. Click on your username at the top right of the forum. Now, click on "Profile". From here, you can upload your little "Profile pic" and this is the little pic that goes up nxt to all of your posts. Now, upload your Profile's "Cover Photo". Like Facebook this is the big cover pic that goes at the top of your profile. Not done yet! Now, click on "Edit Profile" and turn on "Status Updates". then scroll down and click "Save". 3. What the heck are "Status Updates"? Its the social media portion of our website. You can post status updates from your profile page and logged in members will see what you posted, displayed on the main forum page. Place an @ before someone's username and your post will appear on their status update. You can share pics, you can share posts from the forum, you can share stuff from outside of this website, too. 4. How to post pics. From a new post or Status update, you can upload pics from your device to this website and they will display where you post them. In a Post or Status Update, go to the bottom left and click on "Choose Files" . If your image is already hosted on a website somewhere, just copy the "Share link" and come back here to your new post or status update, and click on "insert other media" and follow the directions to paste in the URL. This is also where you load Gif's. More tips coming soon, check back for more! Click below to learn how to start your own bike album in Gallery!
  21. Big thanks to @racreative for the new banner. He has volunteered some time to create new graphics for the forum. He runs his own design firm and does incredible work on the fly. If any of you need graphics designed for work, get ahold of @racreative .
  22. Warning, I advise you to enter your chosen city, state/region. If you choose the option on the left to let the system do it for you, it might just post your actual street address, this map software is mega accurate. So again, click Member map at top of forum. (On mobile click the 3 little lines on right top, choose Member Map) On right of that next page, click right option to enter your city, state/region and put your pin on the map! In six months, others in your area will put their pins up and then you all have someone new to ride with. Iv'e ridden with 6 other forum members between here and Portland. Then, I'll open the new feature "Clubs". A club is a regional section. Let's say I live in Montana area and want to create Weekend event/ride/party/accomodations event. I would send a PM or profile status to @Cruizin and volunteer to admin the new Montana club. In that club is a forum, it's own gallery of past events/rides and pics of the members who pass out drunk by the campfire. New members to that region can join your club, send a pic of their plate minus a number or two as verification. Regional only discussions, invites, tune days, canyon runs, orgies. Ha just kidding to see who's still reading. So put your pin on the map, and help me remind any new member you see. And if you haven't updated your profile, you should. And go into account settings and turn on "status updates". These are things you share with other people like on facebook. Im looking to coming to some of your ride events this summer. Let's just grow the phuck out of this forum by using it like social media, for riders. Oh, and simply click on your or someone else's profile page cover photo to see it in full.
  23. Bumping this thread, put your pin on the member map at the top of the forum! If on a mobile device, click the three lines at the top right and then click member map
  24. Cruizin

    Member YouTube channels?

    Please, put tech tip videos in the tech tip section so they can be found and not get buried in a thread. Also, im about to launch a seperate section for youtube channels.