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  1. I don't like wearing earplugs on a bike. I like to hear the approaching car behind or beside me, it is part of what my brain uses to calculate whats happening around me. My Schuberth helmets are quieter than any other helmet Iv'e owned but still give me the noise of other cars and such. Earplugs drown out too much.
  2. Man, Schuberth makes the best, most comfortable and quietest helmets known to man. they are also among the best protective helmets made. When on a long trip, comfort and quiet are so key to a good trip. Here are all the Schuberth helmets at Revzilla. Easy returns.. Shop Schuberth Helmets - RevZilla Schuberth Helmets - Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest... I actually own and love the C4 Pro, but all of their helmets are a cut above everyone else's. Schuberth C4 Pro Fragment Helmet The Schuberth C4 Pro brings an improved inner liner and reworked shell...
  3. Have you seen the 2wheeldynoworks board on here? They are a supporting vendor of this forum and have flashed hundreds of our members ECU's. They are very very good. Not the cheapest, but I do not suggest going "cheap" on your engine tuning. They work with a ton of top actual race teams and thousands of street bikes. they have custom tunes tailored for different exhausts for the tracer 900 and GT (yosh tune, Akrapovic tune, ETC, ETC. If you have a GT, check out the below thread in their board.
  4. Great deal on a KILLER cage and skid plate for the Tracer900 !
  5. This was covered on page one of this thread.
  6. Excuse my ignorance, who is Kathy?
  7. Game of Thrones is almost over!

    1. betoney


      I hope The Walking Dead follows VERY soon. 

    2. Cruizin


      They announced that they are gonna merge it with fear the walking dead, into one show. I think it happens at the end of the next season. Fear the walking dead is a better show. 

    3. betoney


       The Walking Dead has just gone on far too long, technically if they’re just going to follow their new lives the show could go on and on forever.   Some episodes are definitely entertaining but too many are just slow and drawn out.

  8. Yeah I saw that. In the PNW, those shrooms grow all over the place. We used to pick em on Fort Lewis when i was in the army and trip on weekends. Then, one private picked and ate the wrong ones and almost died, spent a month in the hospital. Then they tried to drug test us for shrooms, but the only way to test for it is spinal tap, so ....
  9. Yeah, when you do just edit your first post in the thread and put it there. Then ill put it back. Thanks!
  10. Can assure you that Klim is not made in the same factories. Many of their Products are made here in Idaho. The Klim will stay 100% waterproof while the others will get you wet. The klim will hold up during a long slide and protect you, while the others will often rip apart and get you skin graft surgeries. Klim is among the best.
  11. Moving this out of the tech tips section, questions do not go in here, they go in the tech questions board.
  12. Im moving this out of the tech tip section because its not really a tech tip.
  13. I want a motorcycle with 38 wheels. That would be cool as hell.
  14. Any chance you could redo this post and put it in the tech tip section, so that others can find it over the years and use this as a guide? It would probably help some people save a ton of money
  15. The @higdonion model is the way to go. His revised guard is rock solid, gets the job done and looks great. Plus, he supports this forum in many ways.
  16. PRemium memebrs get unlimited overall storage. I don't remember what the total limit is but yes, regular members are limited to how many pics they can have hosted on the forum. Bike owners post a ton of pics, and now these camera uploads are 8-12 MB each. When you consider that we have thousands of memebrs, you can imagine the expensive hosting bill that I am trying to avoid having each month.
  17. I just enlarged the total per post image size limits for free members. If it blocks you again, then you have filled your total pic hosting limits and you can go delete some old images.
  18. Try posting a pic below let's see what happens.
  19. Which is why most of us recommend using rocky mountain ATV. Fill out the forum online, they take care of everything else.
  20. Gonna be giving away something in a forum contest soon.Stay tuned! 

  21. Loggers and forest fire fighters use this stuff and swear by it.
  22. Good motorcycle boots and jackets should last a very very long time, as leathers that are hundreds of years old are in museums all over the world. But left untreated, leather dries, cracksa and fades. I have been using Obenauf LP leather conditioner for years on my workboots and motorcycle leathers and boots. It has no petroleum or parrfin in it, it's beeswax and other natural ingredients and it's even better than mink oil for leather. Rub them into old boots and then add a 2nd treatment, and they will start to look and feel new again. Rub it into new motorcycle boots and again ever six months, and those boots should last you forever. Im about to treat my Sidi Canyons and will post before and after pics. Its been years since I treated them, slap me. You cant beat this stuff, used by leather tanners and craftsmen all over the world. Also good for leather seats. It also waterproofs your leathers. https://www.amazon.com/Obenaufs-Leather-Conditioner-Natural-Beeswax/dp/B0002X520S/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=obenaufs+heavy+duty+lp&qid=1554271096&s=gateway&sr=8-3