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  1. With sales tax and everything the dealer charges, it was $11,235 OTD total. Sales tax was a bunch of it.
  2. KLR was and is a great dual sport bike. There is such thing as "too much" power when riding a big bike offroad. The KLR has hundreds of thousands of loyal riders all over the world. I expect Kawasaki to surprise us all with a new KLR soon, and it will probably be an amazing bike.
  3. Oh hell, this thing would run circles around a KLR and i think it will do really well on the dirt too. My only goal for tomorrow is to get this bike filthy dirty. I'll report back. Suspension really surprised me. Alot better than my FJ09 was, worlds better than my MT09 was. Just needs to be revalved and resprung for my weight.
  4. Just got home from breaking it in. Amazing bike, love the CP2 engine. Revs for days, the suspension isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Handles extremely well. Got 51 MPG on my trip and I was revving the hell out of it and doing alot of engine braking to seat the rings. Gonna go see some dirtroads tomorrow.
  5. Rode 20 miles and kept the rpms fluctuating up and then engine brake down. Draining oil and changing filter tonight.
  6. Nah, I just ordered a Tenere 700, supposed to get here early June. I'll be way too busy riding the piss out of that and fixing the stuff I break on it to start a new forum. Plus, there is already a large ninja 1000 forum out there.
  7. Over on our Tenere 700 Forum, BellissiMoto is having a big group buy. One o the items is the same Gilles Chain Adjuster and Titanium Axel nut that fits the FJ09/Tracer 900! These chain adjusters look awesome, and makes removing and installing the rear wheel so much easier. Also makes adjusting the chain easier too. MWR Air Filter, Air Box Cover, and Gilles Titanium Axle Nut GROUP BUY!!! - BellissiMoto - Exotic Parts for All Motorcycles - Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum UPDATE!!! Since everyone committed to the Gilles Ti Axle Nut, many people... The Chain adjuster comes in Red, Black or gold. Group buy price for the adjuster kit is only $86.00 , it's normally $102.00 Retail. You guys are welcome to come jump in on this!
  8. PowerBronze makes some interesting parts for the Tracer 900 and Tracer900 GT. Help me welcome them to the forum! Visit them at https://www.powerbronze.co.uk/
  9. I'm just gonna steal @pgeldz 's T7 when he isn't looking.
  10. Our Tenere 700 forum is blowing up all of a sudden, and the pre ordered T7's are about to start hitting showrooms around late May. I've got one preordered and I'm really looking forward to getting it and setting it up as a dual sport. If you get bored, come check out tenere700.net and tell em Cruizin sent ya!
  11. I just checked and yeah, you were close to the limit of images that we allow free members to have stored on the servers. I just upped it a little bit for your member group. You can also go into your settings and see all of your uploaded pics/attachments by looking at "my attachments" page, and delete any old or unimportant pics. Alternately, you can also go the route of a supporting member subscription and have unlimited pic hosting.
  12. Regular members have a limit on how many photos we can host and how much bandwidth we will serve up. Sorry, but pic hosting gets real expensive and Im already footing a heck of a bill ea month. You can go in and delete some older pics to make room. You can also host them somewhere else and come back and post the links here and they will auto populate.
  13. @SKYFLIX hey thank you for supporting the forum! I really appreciate it and all funds will be going towards the next great update coming this summer! Enjoy the new perks!
  14. I have been hearing really great things about the Competition Werkes exhaust. The Tig welds are perfect on these things, really well constructed inside and out. But LOUD! Sounds nasty on the triple Yamaha's. Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust Yamaha FZ-09 / FJ-09 / Tracer 900 / XSR900 CW’s GP Exhausts are TIG welded from 304 stainless steel right here in the...
  15. Revzilla resells their blemished, demo and open box products and if you look hard, there are some great deals to be had. Blemished/Demo Helmets https://www.revzilla.com/zla-warehouse-helmets Blemished Demo Riding Gear/Jackets/Gloves https://www.revzilla.com/zla-warehouse-riding-gear
  16. Just scored a new set of Rukka gloves and some riding jeans at a pretty good discount. Its always worth going thru their closeout deals, if you look hard some great deals can be had. https://www.revzilla.com/search?_utf8=✓&query=closeouts
  17. Hey @duhg thanks for also joining the supporting member program! We have a big upgrade coming soon and your funds will help pay for that! More good things coming this summer to the forum, thanks to our supporting members and Vendors!
  18. Huge thanks to @wanderer for joining the supporting member program! All proceeds go towards the forum costs and this really helps keep the forums alive for all to enjoy! Enjoy those new forum features!
  19. Bump! Coupon code "covid19" gets you $100 dollars off this killer ECU flash !
  20. My Neighbors came here for a game from San Diego, liked it so much they sold their home there and moved here six months later. Boise is about 70% Ex Californians.
  21. I was sitting in a customers home, wearing latex gloves and shoe covers, negotiating a big fat sale and commision for myself and out of the blue the house just started shaking and rocking and rolling. It totally freaked them out, they starting praying and they think it's the end of the world. No sale or commision for me.