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  1. My OEM heated grips installed by the dealer caused my engine to go to 12000 RPM whenever they were on and I changed to second gear. Dealer said this is a problem Yamaha has seen before. Replacement part on backorder for 60 days.
  2. You may be right, but since I lowered my FJ a skid plate wouldn't probably last long.
  3. Installed R&G case covers earlier but still wanted the additional coverage Crash-Bars offered. Looked at crash bars and decided on the GIVI TN2122's. Took a hacksaw to my R&G case covers. Hope fully this will give me complete coverage.
  4. Your credit card statement reads like a list of sponsors for the Motorcycle Grand Prix.
  5. I think it might be less painful if we start a go fund you account for new panniers. 😲
  6. Yes, you have a few options but the Yamaha OEM plugs right in. Read all of this thread for more info.
  7. I attach a tail bag on the rear seat with some bungee balls I picked up in Harbor Freight. At first I wasn't sure they would hold but after a pull test they seem pretty strong.
  8. Checkout Woody's Wheel Works... Woody's
  9. Search google for..... rear foot peg raisers or CNC 1.5 inch Adjustable SHINOBI Rear Foot Pegs For Yamaha MT-09 13-20 Rear peg raisers
  10. Replacement parts on back order till 6/15. Tech didn't have a update on issue.
  11. Any issues fitting the seat to the bike? Did you use the hi or low slot on the bike and did you remove the plastic frame?
  12. 300 great britian pounds sterling?
  13. Not sure till I hear back from the dealer. While searching online I noticed that the Yamaha Heated Grips listed as discontinued. Hopefully they can source parts to fix my issue under warranty. I will update here when I have more info.