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  1. eBay has a huge selection of the Yamaha Foot Pegs... Yamaha foot pegs
  2. Installed a double USB charger similar to petshark above. The body of mine is plastic so I had to file down the threads to get it to fit in the hole. Luckily there was still some grip left for the retainer screw to tighten down. Just to be safe I added some black silicone adhesive behind the retainer to prevent it from coming loose. I had originally purchased a Yamaha cig lighter type charger like the one installed on the left side, so I removed the connector from it. Now I could just plug into the 12v switched aux plug available behind the screen for a stock like connection. I will hard wire my GPS to one of the two spare aux plugs and will probably run a wire from the second one for extra lights down the road, that is if these spare outlets will have enough oomph for lights? I ordered some stock connectors that will plug into the spares from ebay. Yamaha DC Power Outlet Connector with cable FZ6 MT07 MT09 FZ07 FZ09 XSR TRACER
  3. When removing some of the panels during a recent install I broke a few of the nylon fasteners. I have a box of mixed nylon push rivets for my Honda truck but none match the replacements I need for the FJ. I visited the Auto-Parts place and none matched perfectly. Is there a Yamaha set of these fasteners before I go with the cheap ebay knockoffs? 80PCS Motorcycle ATV Nylon Fairing Bolt Bodywork Push Pry Rivets Pin Kit Set
  4. I don't know anything about the Fasst Company but 48degrees sounds balmy. 😄 Dimensions — Inches to Metric 0.875” 7/8” 22.23 mm
  5. That sounds about right... Do tell, what is the temp in AZ this morning? 😁
  6. I wonder why the Yamaha blinkers are not shown as available in the USA. Would they be compatible with US law? I likey.... Yamaha Genuine LED Blinkers Plus - FRONT YME-FLB2F-10Yamaha Genuine LED Blinkers Plus - REAR YME-FLB2R-10
  7. For Yamaha 5DM-81950-00-00 /Omron G8HN-1C4T-DJ ... FJR1300 12 -Yamaha LED Flasher Relay - R1 R6 MT09 FJ09 FZ6R FZ8 FZ9 FZ1 XSR900 FJR1300
  8. Started my MCCruise install today which requires removal of the fuel tank. Had a hard time removing the fuel pressure hose. Seems the connector on my 2017 is a little bit different than the orange and blue pictured earlier in this thread. Here is a pic I found on the FZ-09 forum (credit to excess-arrr-rider) that covers my connector. Insert flat head screwdriver and twist does the trick. I really had to pull hard on the overflow and vent hoses to get those off. I had seen where someone else had just left them on and rerouted them down later, but a good pull and they came off.
  9. Turns out the tolerance on the Yamaha Quick Shifter kit is about 1mm, and I was off by 1.5mm. Adjusted the length between connection points and everything works as advertised. If you go with the Yamaha kit checkout this video first. It was a big help... Yamaha Quick Shifter Kit Install I think the reason the bike wouldn't shift was because the QS was plugged in but not set up right. I disconnected the connector, adjusted the length of the rod and plugged the connector back in. The setup worked as advertised and the bike shifted between gears again. Does that make sense?
  10. Installed the Yamaha quick-shifter today on my 2017 FJ-09. Pretty easy except for getting to the connector under the tank to plug into. I had looked at a you tube video of install for the FZ09 which has less stuff to take off before lifting the rear of the fuel tank. Not a difficult upgrade but supplied directions are vague regarding what to take apart to get to the connector under tank. When I tried to do the setup it wouldn't take. Directions ask to hold the gear shift lever up with your foot while turning key to on. Keep upward pressure on the lever for 10 seconds and QS light should light up. Release pressure from shift lever and go ride to test. I was in N and couldn't get the light to come on. At that point I tried change gears to see if that would help, and I couldn't change out of N. Bike hasn't been ridden in a few weeks. It was at the dealer last week for the first 600mile oil change and I had them install the Yamaha heated grips. I pushed it from the dealer to a trailer and into my garage without starting it, and so it sat because of snow and ice outside. I've got to go out for a while but will play with it again later. Any suggestions?
  11. I'm barely 30" inseam, probably closer to 29". I have added the lowering kit from T-Rex which gave me an additional 1.5". I'm not an aggressive rider so I don't see much difference in performance but have clipped the center stand a couple times when crossing a curb. I picked up a pair of CALTO G6252 boots which promise an additional 3.5" but it reality it may be closer to 2". I find if I put my left leg down first and keep my right leg on the rear brake it helps with stability. There is also the Yamaha lowered seat which does not get good reviews. Small Guy on Motorcycle
  12. After playing with my MT-10 left switch pod I've come up with another idea. It requires cutting away some of said switch and using the Slim Switch from McCruise. I thought the original McCruise switch was monstrous but new Slim Switch is a beautiful piece, and I am not confident enough to de-construct it. So echoing 2and3cylinders comments about all the empty real estate on the left hand switch pod I was all set to incorporate the McCruise controls into the blank switches like dazzler24. After closer inspection I have to admit what dazzler24 accomplished is way beyond my skill level. I had to de-pin the Slim Switch connector and increase the drain hole on the bottom of the pod to route the wire through. On page 6 of this thread dazzler shows how the back portion of the Slim Switch can be cut off. This would allow the switch to sit lower that shown in my pics. The only question left is will I have the courage to de-construct the left pod switch on my FJ-09. There are a lot of small pieces in there 🙄
  13. Look what arrived, after its tour of the USA. Ordered from Germany, came into the USA through NY and went to New Orleans twice before delivery in Pennsylvania. Sad to say I am losing confidence in the Post Office 😔 2016 MT-10 Left Switch Pod with Cruise controls....
  14. Try these... Turn Signals LED Flashers
  15. Well said @betoney I was looking for the 👎 on that one. Maybe the moderators should consider adding the thumbs down option next to the thumbs up.