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  1. I hated the stock seat on my 2017. About 30 minutes was my limit. Got a Corbin seat and I don't have a time limit anymore. Best upgrade in my opinion.
  2. Looks nice. Slightly lower seat than my FJ09. For those of you with XSR time how will it differ riding wise to the 9GT. Pro/Cons? https://ridermagazine.com/2021/11/23/2022-yamaha-xsr900-first-look-review/
  3. Hello from another 2017 owner. We got the best color!
  4. They are not the same size. 2019 + is a different size to the 2015-17 seat. I made that mistake and purchased a 2019 for my 2017 which I had to resell. Amazing seat nevertheless. I recently rode 4 hours on the Corbin without a bother in my backside.
  5. Yes it does, but your stock side case holders had to be removed. Or you could have left them on and remove the hand hold rails instead. I want it all 🙂
  6. OK now I see how you made this work, no hand hold rails. It's hard to find a rack that will work with the hand hold rails, the stock pannier holders and a Corbin seat.
  7. Thanks, back to 1.5" it is. Phew that was a close one 😉
  8. Today I checked the chain slack and it was at about 1.5". Ran out to get a 27mm socket and adjusted the chain to just under 1". Went for a short test ride and all I can say is Whoooa. I never understood the snatchy throttle comments about this bike. I figured my 2017 had an update or something as she was pretty docile. She is new to me with no ECU Flash, and I really have nothing to compare it with as I had little experience with anything above 250cc before. Today the throttle was really sensitive, I had to hold on tight 🙂 When I got back I re-checked the chain slack and it was about 1/3". I will work on it again till it's closer to 1". Is it common for a reduction in chain slack to make the throttle more sensitive? I did adjust the suspension a little also.
  9. Thanks for the pics. I guess I didn't try hard enough. What year bike do you have?
  10. Purchased this from T-Rex Racing as a set with lowering links. I ended up cutting down the stock sidestand and re-installing it on my bike. This sells for $99 bucks new. Asking $75 OBO including shipping. https://www.t-rex-racing.com/2014-2019-FJ09-FZ09-MT09-Tracer-900-Kickstand-p/ks73-14.htm
  11. Not sure if this fits models beyond 2017. Mounting holes are 6 1/4" apart fore and aft.