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  1. Here is the Copper paint code ...... DYRC4. Yamaha says it's Dull Yellowish Red Cocktail. Click the link to purchase. Yamaha 1232 Dull Yellowish Red Cocktail 4 (DYRC4)
  2. Sounds good. My son lives in Edmonton. We usually go to the Jazz Club when I visit. No problem with shipping from Pennsylvania USA.
  3. I was able to easily re-key my side bags to match the ignition by watching a you tube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFoke2TS1O8 Here is a thread that discusses that.. https://www.tracer900.net/topic/1362-how-to-key-side-cases-locks-to-the-ignition-key/?tab=comments#comment-14288 I would like to trade some of the tumblers / wafers if anyone else has a need. I have extra numbers 1,3 &6's. I need some numbers 2's. I have.... 4 extra number 1's, 6 extra number 3's and 3 extra number 4's. I need.... 6 number 2's. I also have a motor cycle helmet lock with two keys to trade for the number 2's or some miscellaneous parts from the 3 camlock set part number 5P5-28406-01 I've got cash too 😐 Send me a message through this forum if interested.
  4. Yes, I got it. Contacted the seller by phone as soon as it was posted and organized payment. Short delay to delivery due to fires out west at the time. Very nice guy, easy to deal with.
  5. Decided to go with the beak but wanted to match the Blurple color of my 2017. I had purchased the paint some time back and was trying to build up the courage to paint a set of FJR 1300 side bags I picked up on ebay real cheap. After this beak project I am ready 😁 Purchased the beak from uniestocker on ebay for $16 and free shipping. Purchased the paint from ColorRite. Spent $80 and got the 'Aerosol Complete Repair Package' that includes primer, OEM color paint and clear coat with enough left to do my panniers later. Scuffed up the beak with a piece of brown fine scotch-brite and used grease and wax cleaner I already had to pre clean. Three coats of primer with 15 minutes between coats. Waited 45 minutes and did 3 coats of paint with 30 minutes between coats. After 45 minutes 2 coats of clear with 30 minutes between coats. Used a tack cloth between coats to clean dust etc. Here is the progress....
  6. Disregard the horn speaker location. Turn your horn so the terminals line up with those in the pic and you will have your answer.
  7. 2017 Deep Purplish Blue Metallic L (DPBML) here. https://www.colorrite.com/wizardresults.cfm
  8. Snake Oil... https://www.campanellas.com/car-tips/will-deer-whistles-work#:~:text=A%2012%20kHz%20signal%20is,They%20simply%20don't%20work. Deer Whistle Test
  9. The following thread shows the High / Low position for the FJ seat...
  10. Where did you get the back rest. Great idea. Do you have a link?

    1. WKE002


      I got it from our local alike ebay. 

      as u from states, try 

      keyword motorcycle backrest, backseat 

    2. Heli ATP

      Heli ATP

      Cool thanks.

  11. Talk about turning a disaster into an adventure. Nice way to break in a new ride. Great story. Congrats.
  12. I found a set of Blurple 2005 FJR bags to match my '17 FJ-09 paint on ebay for $310. A few scratches that I may touch up, not sure yet. Need to research scratch touchup. Advise accepted. After watching a youtube video, I re-keyed my FJR bags to match my ignition by replacing the tumblers. Quite easy, and nice to have them all keyed the same. It appears the key needs to be in the pannier lock any time it is opened. Anyone find a way around that?