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  1. Besides the obvious safety upgrades can someone school me on the difference between a $350 and a $1200 helmet. I got a Sedici Sistema 2 modular helmet last year from Cycle Gear that I have been very happy with. I just had little pieces (spring etc) go flying when changing out the face shield. On close inspection the base plate parts for raising and lowering the shield are plastic. Do $1200 helmets have all metal parts? Have you been surprised to find plastic parts where you expected metal on your helmet?
  2. Seems like a trip to WalMart is in your future... Goo B Gone Leather Conditioner
  3. Cheap options on amazon or ebay Mirrors
  4. I have the Yamaha heated grips, but like your other suggestions.
  5. Yamaha sent me a coupon for $50 off $250 for Yamaha parts or accessories or labor to install Yamaha parts or accessories. My 2017 is just over 2000 miles and I'm thinking of doing the 4000 service early even though I brought her home new in 2020 with zero miles. Other than doing the 4000 mile service I am considering stocking up on some parts, fluids etc. Not wanting to miss out on a deal, what would the forum spend my $250 on? 🙂 YAMAHA SERVICE COUPON Exclusively for XXXXXXXXX your next service visit of $250* or more *Minimum $250 must be comprised of Genuine Yamaha Parts, Yamaha Accessories, Yamalube or dealer’s labor to install any of the aforementioned eligible items. Applicable to any Yamaha with a valid VIN. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Coupon valid at any authorized Yamaha dealer located in the U.S. Must present coupon at time of scheduled service. Must be used in the Service Department. Not valid with any other offers. Coupon not transferrable; valid only for the person named above. Coupon may not be duplicated and has no cash value. Void where prohibited by law. Yamaha Dealer Redemption Instructions: Log on to YDS for redemption, click on Service > Coupons > Manage CSI Coupon Claims > Redeem New Coupon. Documentation must show repair order of at least $250 for Genuine Yamaha Parts and Accessories, Star Custom Accessories, Yamalube and or dealer labor at dealer's published rates. The invoice must show payments tendered and show the $50 discount to the customer. Claims not meeting these criteria will be denied. Claim must be submitted no later than XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
  6. If you cant make the heels work try this.....
  7. I had someone reduce the height of my center stand by 1 inch. As the center stand is hollow he put bars bars inside to reinforce and then welded it back together. I had it powdercoated and it works great with my T-Rex lowering link. Initially I purchased an adjustable center stand which are available from many companies on-line but found it a little unstable and was afraid it might fail.
  8. Google Tom Tom sun cover or checkout ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/360619035216?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=360619035216&targetid=1263104805286&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9007128&poi=&campaignid=13825199432&mkgroupid=129875432292&rlsatarget=pla-1263104805286&abcId=9300604&merchantid=6384504&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4u6Yl72w8gIVGbbICh2dYgOhEAQYASABEgI99PD_BwE
  9. Anyone try this? X1 CROSS HELMET
  10. I have the Yamaha QS for the 2017 and up, that I installed myself in less than an hour. Here is a threads that talks about CC and QS in a 2015, and install of a 2017 Yamaha QS from Two Wheel Obsession. Page 2... QS install
  11. I've seen you post this before about the McCruise and QS not been compatible. What is the source? I have both on my 2017 and they work fine together. Is it a 2015-2016 thing? It might be worth a try, and you could return the QS if it don't work.
  12. Nice ride. What devices do you use to create your track history?
  13. When I laid them out I thought they would be on the outside but instructions call for the adjusters to go on the inside. Maybe it is to do with airflow and adds to the non buffeting and quite ride? Madstad Install instructions
  14. I'm 5"10 with 30" inseam and was very disappointed in the stock screen but found acceptable improvement with a $30 ebay wind deflector on top. Installed a 22" clear Madstad screen on my 2017 FJ-09. The instructions suggested removing the outer layer of the hand guards so the screen wouldn't make contact with them at full lock. I added some spacers to move the screen out about a half an inch to solve that problem since I have some running light on my hand guards that I didn't want to remove. Instead of using the Madstad brace plate I reused my GPS holder plate and needed 4 longer bolts for the spacers. M6 X 35mm 1.0 pitch. Amazing difference between the stock screen and the Madstad. I went for a test run and it was a joy to be in clean air without the bad noise from buffeting etc. Actually I was a couple of miles from home before I realized my visor was up, something I would have noticed immediately with the stock screen.
  15. I picked up a TourMaster heated vest for 50% off with no printed instructions, like that recommended by betoney and 1moreroad above. I was going to purchase a backup battery pack but found they are out of stock. My experience with rechargeable battery packs is that they lose life when they sit around too long. Since my vest will only be used for a few months a year, is there anything I should be doing to preserve battery life, and how many seasons should I expect the lithium-ion battery pack to last?