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  1. I'm looking to lower mine and wonder if those 'jack-up plates be used to lower the FJ-09, with the option to return to stock at will?
  2. 5'9" 29" inseam. Seriously considering lowering links to get flat footed. So many options with price varying from $20 -$170 and height reductions from 1/2" to 1.5" T-rex has a different design than most. All advice and suggestions appreciated. T-Rex Racing 2014 - 2019 Yamaha FJ-09 / FZ-09 / MT-09 / XSR900 Lowering Link Adjustable Kickstand T-Rex Racing 2014 - 2019 Yamaha FJ-09 / FZ-09 /... Suspension Lowering Links 15mm & 25mm Yamaha FJ-09 lowering kit Special Offer « Lowering Links FJ-09 Lowering Link Links Kit CNC laser cut from 304 stainless steel, FJ-09 lowering...
  3. I asked my cop friend once what was the secret to not getting a ticket.. His response.... Don't break the law! 🙂
  4. Thanks guys, Purchased the digital version from seller smigbuyz on ebay. It was listed for $17, I put it on my watch list and they sent me a $9.48 offer which I accepted.
  5. I want to order a Service Manual but see the part number (LIT-11616-28-46) for the FJ-09 Service manual hasn't changed from 2015 to 2017, even though the "17 has a few differences. Anyone with a '17 manual know if it mentions the slipper clutch, traction control or changes in the display for clearing codes etc? How about the ebay digital download manual, are they easy to navigate?
  6. Looking forward to seeing these on the FJ. Be sure to follow up. Mounting hardware is priced at anywhere from $100 to $350. DIY may be best option if able. Hardware
  7. Looks like new. Good luck with sale.
  8. Took her out for a run after rad guard install and she had more power..... Oops I was in A mode. She's at 80 miles and i'm still learning 😁
  9. R&G Radiator Guard install. First mod for my brand new left over zero miles 2017 FJ-09. Looks like this one may have been discontinued? Good quality but connected on bottom with tie-wrap...ugg. 1.Remove the two top radiator bolts with an allen wrench, discard the right hand one with the longer supplied bolt. 2.Reinstall the bolts while threading them through the top two loops on the rad guard. 3.Zip tie the bottom of the rad guard in place at its center point. Some sticky back foam was supplied to stick on the edges of the guard. I wasn't going to use this but after install I feared the guard might rattle as it only had the center attachment point on the bottom, and both bottom corners were hanging. I strategically placed a few pieces of the sticky backed foam here and there to eliminate rattles. Instructions called for removing panels etc, but I fat fingered it with a couple of short allen wrenches and was done in about 30 minutes. Depending on how this holds up it may be replaced with one that has at least four attachment points.
  10. Rear View Mirrors Extenders For Yamaha are M10x1.25 @ 40mm long. Available on ebay worldwide R&G Racing Mirror Risers are M10x1.25 and raises the mirror by 45mm
  11. Anyone have experience with these low cost option for hard side case that are on ebay from seller hl_supershop ?

    $185 for both cases and hardware seem like a steal.

    Hard Saddlebag Saddle Bag w/Tail Light for Yamaha Kawasaki KTM Street Motorcycle



    This Universal Hard saddlebags were designed for riders seeking a durable...



    1. Heli ATP

      Heli ATP

      I found two positive feedbacks and may take the plunge. Would have to change the white to blue to match my 2017 FJ-09, so also need advice on finding blue paint.
      You all keep up the great work if I could give you 10 🌟 you got it
      Hard Saddlebag Saddle Bag w/Tail Light for Yamaha Kawasaki KTM Street Motorcycle (#173415467675)
      Great item, thanks
      Hard Saddlebag Saddle Bag w/Tail Light for Yamaha Kawasaki KTM Street Motorcycle (#173415467675)