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  1. Sorry about that, I did mean hwy 14 on the Washington side (apparent onset of senile dementia ). Usually baled for 84 at Biggs or White Salmon ( that' s funky bridge though) . I 84 is ok going East on a weekday if you need to make time
  2. The Hubris of the Digital age is the culprit, IMO. Shite, Google can't even get Text auto-correct right- yet their full steam ahead with autonomous cars. Should't come as a surprise that computer driven mileage estimators aren't accurate or that the're seen as must include items by manufactures.
  3. I'm assuming you were heading East? Or West on a rare day in the Gorge with minimal wind? ( Man I hate running out of gas, only happened to me once on my HD- but it had 4 major breakdowns that left me standin' on the shoulder in the course of 80 plus thousand miles. Guess I'll adopt a bit of old school biker wisdom with the Tracer: " After 100 miles, NEVER pass up Gas or Ass" ; ) Thanks for posting, Man ( 65mph, hats off to you Bro, I couldn't do that unless there was WaSP sitting right on my tail! Next time you're doing the Gorge, try the North side in Oregon. Much better ride
  4. It's very nice stock; however, it is a bit twitchy and difficult to hold a steady 3-4k rpm when trying to do slow speed precision maneuvers like flying W's, figure 8's and u-turns inside the lines of a typical parking stall. I've only got 100 miles on my so far- just got it yesterday afternoon; maybe it will improve as it breaks in, but I rather doubt it. Seems to be the fuel cutoff and transition from closed to open loop fueling. ( precision maneuvers on a Sport Touring bike? WTF. Yes, like my favorite instructor ( motorcycle cop) says " any fool can haul ass down the road, and that same fool will drop his bike trying to pull a tight u-turn or negotiate his way thru a debris field at 10 miles an hour). Learned how on my gangsta Harley, and my Versys would let me show up most riders on bigger bikes. But the Tracer is being ornery in this category. I'll get it, it's a must to me, but a re-flash would certainly smooth things out.
  5. Picked up my Tracer yesterday afternoon; wow, what a fukin' great bike. Even just puttin around in rain mode, I can feel what a willing partner in crime the CP3 engine is going to be. Really nice and stable feeling for it's weight as well; had some 35-40 mph gusts happening while I was out, barely noticeable, would have been blowing my Versys 300 all over. I don't think I'm going to need to have the seat customized either, feels great as is. Damn happy so far :>)
  6. Cool, I bought a little house in Gilbert last year; really like it down here overall: insane drivers, monsoons and 115' F Summer days notwithstanding ( the plan this Summer is to take the GT North during the worst of it) . Yeah, there's lots good road in these parts. Sounds great, look forward to meeting you in person!
  7. yes sir, that's correct. Figured it been there for a while, didn't try to chew them down any on the price, maybe I should have :>) You must snowbird down here then, eh? I used to live up in the top of the Idaho Panhandle, so close to BC picked up the "eh". ( oh man, I've blown a lot more than that on numerous young exotic women, got so tired I figured a new motorcycle would keep me out of trouble for bit
  8. went ahead put a cash deposit down. Not really sure if it is actually a deal- 14,000 out the door- think they inflated the tax a bit. But the only one I could actually find on a showroom within 50 miles of me ( down in Arizona by Phoenix) and they didn't blink at a cash purchase. Went to another "bigger" box powersports store that showed a GT in inventory on their website- nope, nada, but had a Tracer 900 with a broken windshield pinch lever and disconnected wires dangling from the chassis ( I wouldn't buy a Taco from them- but did sit on a lot of their bikes- yep Africa Twin still too tall, FJR still too heavy,etc.) With my boots on my size 9 feet don't come close to passenger pegs and I can flat foot it if I'm up against the tank, and it still feels almost as light as my Versys ( test ride? surely you jest amigo). I'm excited already :0
  9. Thanks for your responses guys, I appreciate it. Coop, sounds like you find the GT to be a better ride than the ST? I think I'm buying one this week or next, depending on how fast I can pull the cash together ( cash and carry only nowadays). How do you guys feel abut the brakes? Seems to be a few comments out there about them being weak....
  10. Hi all, I'm lusting for a Tracer 900 GT. In much the same way I lust after young, exotic or athletic women ( at my age, that gets expensive real quick :>).I almost bought an FZ a while back, but reports of unintended wheelies and a very twitchy throttle with sub par suspension put me off that idea. Got a Versys 300 non-abs instead- gotta hand it to Kawa for wringing so much out of so little. I've put 88k on a 2011 Harley Dyna in the last 8 years as my main ride. On its third build now and makes better than 100hp /100lbs at the rear wheel with zero rider aids. Its pure outlaw hooliganism, and I've toured most of the Western states on it ( damn uncomfortable after 200 or so miles and scary as shite in the rain.) I think I can handle the GT,.I know it's gonna be faster than my Dyna, but has those rider aids as well ABS, which I've wanted on a bike for quite a while now. I have a real happy wrist, however, and tend to use all of what a machine will offer up. That said, I'm still here because I also know my limits and ride with the assumption that all cagers are trying to kill me, they just have to "make it look like an accident". And I've always wanted a sport touring bike- a Connie, an FJR or an ST1300. But all of them a little heavy with a high center of gravity for a little guy- I'm 5'7 and 150. Sat on a Tracer and its feels like a slightly bigger versys 300- it feels damn good. But so does a woman half my age- and that never works out in the long run.