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  1. Bobbed, Billed ( it's certainly more of a bill, rather than a beak,eh) and hiding out in North Idaho...
  2. @Coop: try some of these to fix up the back tire🤪
  3. @stumpyyeah, they are indeed very bright. Made a gasket out of Automoive weather stripping to stand the buggers out enough from the fairing to be seen head on; albeit, still kinda marginal for a front blinker- should be mounted higher. They make really excellent running lights from the side view, however
  4. @Coop damn, Coop, give a guy break. At least it doesn't look like a Japanese Robot anymore.It's Retro,eh? ( the mirrors are better than I expected- rock solid; even a mild tip over didn't budge one. And suprise, slighlty less vibes in the grips:0
  5. Love it. I'm 5'8": it's perfect with the windshield raised at freeway speeds. And in slow moving traffic, you can adjust to funnel in a ton of air too your torso
  6. Oh well, I was just so fukin' proud of myself for jury-rigging up a way to make the Proton 500 flush mounts work on a Tracer...
  7. @stumpyluckily bugs don't stick to the Plastidip like they do to paint. Can't run a rag over that, have to hose it off. One of these days I'll get those pieces proffesionally painted
  8. It's paint! Damn, I was sure it was Plastidip
  9. Larz

    Helite Airbag Vest

    any jacket with adequate room for the bags to expand- apparently not much room needed, and the jacket better be good enough not to come apart, eh... the vest itself won't hold up to asphalt... @betoney60lbs of force to trip the leashed bags, you'd likely pull your bike over first. I can stand bent kneed with the leash at proper length. Any shorter on the leash and its to restrictive.
  10. Larz

    Helite Airbag Vest

    @betoneythe Helite will let some air in thru the front; only having worn in it 70' temps so far, I think it will be "ok", at least as long as you're moving, in hot weather. Maybe unbearable in heavy traffic at triple digits, however. Yeah, the Alpinestars is nice- great tech, inflation is nearly twice as fast as the Helite, and the sensors will make it work in a rear-ender or low-side before you come off the bike. Requires a dedicated jacket though, and lacks good neck protection: 2 of the reasons I didn't go with it.
  11. Couple of years back, after witnessing the birth of our Granddaughter in Utah, my Ex&I were riding across Nevada on our way back to Idaho. It was early in the morning, on a lonely stretch of road, when we happened across this young pilgrim. He was on a Grand Motorcycle Adventure: riding his spanking new Triumph across the Western US. Unfortunately, his journey was rudely interrupted by a deer a few minutes before we encountered him. He was traveling about 80 MPH when a deer leaped across the road right in front of the pilgrim. It happened so fast he had no time to react and slammed head-on into the animal. Thrown from his bike, he’d landed some 60 feet away from where the machine ended up (it was right on top of a fukin’ ant hill that he laid, poor bastard). “It saved me, I knew it, I knew it would” was the refrain we’d heard upon approaching the pilgrim. And we’d both thought it was rather amazing that he was alert, lucid and quite verbose, all things considered. What saved him from a more serious scenario? An Airbag vest! I don’t know if he was wearing a Helite or another brand, but the results were impressive. I remember thinking at the time that I wouldn’t mind having one of those vests. Back then I was broke, however. Fast forward to now and the Tracer. Not so broke anymore and frequently hitting triple digits, I decided to upgrade my riding gear, which for me always involves lots of research. After watching two helmetcam vids of riders hitting deer at night whilst wearing Helite airbag vests, I decided one of those would be on the list right after a new Helmet (Snell rated this time around, a Shoei RF SR with photochromatic shield). At $700, the Helite is an investment to be sure. So how does it feel to ride in? It’s heavy, standing up in it, you feel the weight. The first day I rode with, I felt like it was adversely affecting my riding in the twisty stuff. By day three, however, I didn’t even notice it. And if you sit right, the enormous spine protector takes the weight and you feel kinda like a turtle in its shell. Do I feel safer in it? No, I never feel safe on a bike (shit I don’t in my car either, too many fools on the roads nowadays). I do feel better protected- even if the thing failed to inflate, it’s heavy Cordura construction and huge spine protector would buy you a little extra protection. And inflated could prevent a serious spinal injury and/or internal organ damage. To me, it’s like the difference between riding in regular jeans and armored riding pants. If I ride every day in armored pants, and then go for ride in regular jeans, I feel naked and exposed (damn, really goin’ miss that kneecap if I low-side at 100mph, eh). It would be nice if the Helite used sensors instead of the Old-school leash to inflate the vest, but the current offerings using sensors are all designed to be worn inside special jackets. The Helite goes over whatever you are wearing. I like it. Better odds of staying out of a wheelchair, eh. Helite Hi-Viz Airbag Vest Turtle 2 Technology Turtle 2 Airbag Vest Hi-Viz Helite
  12. yeah, at this $$ point could have bought Versys 1000 with the E-suspension or MV Augusta sport tourer. Guess I'm paying for the pleasure of the Triple, which I love. P.S. It's not wrap, it's Plasti-dip
  13. @mingoalready blew $1100 on a Graves full exhaust- did add significant oomph. Power wheelies in standard mode with tcs 1 easily now; sport mode is actually scary ( to this old man at least;)
  14. I had the installation done at a local sport bike shop. The kid who installed it weighs just about the same as me, he rode around some and adjusted the suspension- feels good with no pre-load on the shock and empty panniers. total $$ installed with tax: $2350.00 USD Andreani carts: $600.00 Ohlins YA 535 shock: $1150.00 Seals, oil, misc: $100.00