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  1. @quetechnice, looks like it has a plate that mounts to the stock bracket?
  2. @texscottydlooks like a winner to me👍
  3. Ok, maybe this could be problematic for some folks. Try to make it doable. Google should at least get you too the national registry, or one of the sites like MonumentalTrees. Depending on where are you, some of the choices will be inaccessible by vehicle ( What, you ain't riding your brand spanking new $14K TracerGT down some rock strewn goat trail just to win a Intertube photo challenge? WTF, man,HTFU,eh ;>) A pic of your bike by a marker on the road closest to the tree would do it- either an actual sign describing the tree, or even a mile marker sign or some such that is GPS location verified, eh. And trees, uh, well where I am, it's a freakin' Saguaro cactus.....
  4. (Unless I'm disqualified for smartassery...) The next challenge photo is your FJ/Tracer by the tallest tree withing 100 miles of your location ( google should help)
  5. @quetechhow about some pics of your new windshield?
  6. @captainscarlethey man apologies for hijacking your thread. To help it back on topic- here are some vids of the OEM exhuast; the Scorpion; the Graves, and just for shites&giggles, my 107ci Harley. If you play 'em through decent speakers not too horrible of sound quality
  7. What about changing the ride height with the stock shock? One of the things I considered with like a k-tech razor was being to adjust the ride to match a change with the fork height; I'd give up a bit of lean angle to get my feet a little closer to the ground at a stop when she's loaded with luggage...
  8. @betoneyNaw, it was harsh. Yeah it seems like a waste until the sag is set right. The little bit I've messed with it, get it firm enough so the bike doesn't pogo under hard braking or accel, then it's harsh. Like Stealth says, at my weight, should be able to get it setup correctly,eh
  9. I'm just about 75 kg geared up; about just right for the OEM suspension from what I read. Buckboardy is how it felt- but I had the damping turned up on both ends. Turned it down, it's better. Really want to blow some $$ on a new shock. Figure I should try adjusting the suspension first though
  10. Thanks for the response. A while back I messed around with all the settings front and rear- didn't have sag measurements, pretty clueless on suspension in general. Dialed down the pre-load when I started running the hills without the sidecases. Thinking doing it the right way this time- with sag measurements- would be helpful🤣 Anyways, apparently, stock spring rates on the GT shock are 9-10, at least according to a suspension outfit down there in OZ; although they list the same for a 2017 FZ-09. Hmm, thought the GT would have beefier spring than an FZ, but maybe that's about as light a rate as you can go?
  11. Anyone know what the stock shock spring on a GT is rated at? Without the cat and sidecases mounted , my bike feels almost over sprung. Have the preload turned all the way down, waiting on my neighbor to help measure the rider sag, but doesn't seem like it's very much at all now.
  12. YAMAHA “TRACER 900 / GT” changed color and was released!! | Webike Moto News • TRACER900 GT ABS "Bluish Gray Solid 4" YAMAHA Motor changed the... Just the Japanese market for Red? (edit: I guess that is 2019 Japanese market)
  13. So sexy you want to put her in lingerie and do some Yoga poses for a while first. But no, I'm a man of action, so it's "brace yourself, Nelly" and we're mounting her 😀 @betoneyI'll put up a review when I've got some miles on the pipe. First impressions from a quick ride: Holy Wheelie , Batman. Bike is scary faster; gotta be at least 10 more ponies. Sounds freaking awesome, too. Running really good on Ivan's stock tune; curious to see else what he can do.