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  1. Goldwings' are fine motorcycles ๐Ÿ˜
  2. @countersteeryeah man, it does! @betoneythanks man. I really like the way your bike looks- Red is one of the best colors for the FJ/Tracer body style, IMO @roadrash83Thanks; yep, good idea- that gloss paint on the lids is pretty fragile.... @whistler๐Ÿ˜ @kingfisherYeah it is. Go for it, man. You know how forgiving this stuff is. I want to get her painted at some point, but first I want to play with some different colors/schemes ( Purple people eater; white and black police bike, hmmm... ) And yes, grab rails must be changed- looks a little too " Willy Wonka" right now Oh well, there's worse than Bobby Vinton to be runnin' through your head, eh๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Thanks folks, appreciate the comments ๐Ÿ™‚ @wordsmithyeah the colors are fairly close for a cell phone camera ( Google Pixel 2a: pretty decent camera) I imagine you can get Plasti-dip in Oz, there's a nice Metallized black- you might think about it instead of regular paint; more scratch resistant and if it gets mucked up easy redo ( my gloss pannier lids at 5k are already showing some scratches on top just from day- to -day use) @runnerhikeryeah man, it's got a kinda "Giant Blueberry" thing going on,eh ๐Ÿ˜† @StealthAuThanks man. Gosh, I wish it was my idea ๐Ÿคฉ but it's not ๐Ÿค” been done by many- I first got into it on my Harley- lots of kids with Dynas on a HD forum were doin' it to their bikes. @fjrpittsburghcouple of important things about rattle-can Plasti-dip: shake the can while spraying a lot more than regular paint- like every 3 or so passes. If it's some of the luxury metal series stuff don't try to use the last 20% of the can, it won't come out the same. It is surprisingly durable, but don't use bug&tar removers or citrus based cleaners on it... @Coop Damn coop, high praise from you, man๐Ÿ˜Ž ( I love this bike, haven't ridden my other bikes in a month now. But Yamaha tried to make it look like an "old man's" bike with a conservative color scheme- I maybe gettin' old at 60, but I don't wanna ride a bike that looks "age appropriate" just yet ๐Ÿ˜‘
  4. @fjrpittsburgh rattle-can Plasti-dip is pretty easy to work with- surface prep is just cleaning with a de-greaser like Windex. Best part if you mess it up just wait till it dries and you can peel it off and start over- easy peasy, man
  5. "She wore Blue Velvet..." , well ok, she's actually wearing blue plasti-dip ( rubberized for your protection ;>) I never warmed up to the sliver and black with those blue wheels. However, I didn't want to commit to painting until I had a chance to see how the bike would look with a little more pop. Enter Plasti-dip, great stuff for messing around, easily reversible and comes in some colors to play with. And thank goodness, because more than a mere cursory inspection of the quality of this work strongly suggests that someone "better not quit their day job". I like it, a lot more than the stock silver- think I got a little carried away doing the passenger grab rails, though. Matte black for those, me thinks. So what ya'all think?
  6. Thanks, man ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it looks ok up close
  7. Better than new๐Ÿ˜
  8. I got one of those, does fit perfect๐Ÿ‘
  9. @fjrpittsburgh that is the black : ), just the lighting and contrast with the gloss black; it does look matte black in person. Time will tell how tough the stuff is, went on like Plasti-dip, but is curing harder. Speaking of Plasti-dip, it comes in all sorts of colors with mettalizers and glossers and such. One could use that on the sidecases or some of the removal body panels- got a can in a blue that is really close to the GTs wheels- contemplating doing the tank panels and the pods in it on my bike....
  10. Diplo rattle can truck bed liner
  11. whatcha do bro? I've dropped my bike on both sides now ( i'm short and it's tall scratched both sides- think i'm going to apply some flat black truck bed liner to the lower raised portion of each bag- some protection, and if I drop it again and mar the truck bed liner I will just re-apply another coat. Enough of that and it may get thick enough the bike will bounce back up off the ground into my hands, eh ;>)
  12. being in the UK, you must know about rain then : ) yeah on my GT there's a pinhole on the bottom left side, pretty sure it's a drain hole
  13. @norcal616 Sure, can't get more out of the engine than you put in and the stock air box is pretty restricted. Really wanted to cut the snorkel off the airbox, supposed to let it flow a little better- but I think the snorkel is there to deal with any water intrusion into the box and I do ride in the rain @chitown day time temps over 100' with lows dipping into the upper 80s- sitting in traffic the bikes external therm reads 115-120 often enough: I want a synthetic 20-50 in the bike under those conditions. Running Castrol v-twin 20-50 right now, bike is really quiet running with that oil. Feel like the dealership should have put proper weight oil in the bike for current conditions given the $$$ charged ( they live here, what the hell?) Doesn't matter, just wanted them to do first service for warranty. I feel better being be able to clean the filter every 4-8k depending how it looks. Paid $63 for a BMC filter- should work out, I plan on riding the bike as close to 100k as it will go, not that I'm really concerned about spending an extra $30 or so over the lifetime of the bike
  14. @roadrash83 good luck with that, it is oiled paper, not a synthetic dry media.... Being oiled paper, makes me think that might be the reason for the huge snorkel in the airbox. Wouldn't do well if it got wet, the snorkel is going to dump any water intruding into the airbox at the bottom, where there is a tiny drain hole; probably keep most of the filter dry.
  15. Got back from my trip with about 4.6k on the odometer and the "barrel 10-40" oil the shop put in my bike at the 600 mi service ( the last one they be doing for me So of course, gotta change the oil and I'm thinking clean the air filter ( old habits). Have a service manual, but hadn't really looked through it too much yet, so didn't realize it was non-cleanable and supposed to be replaced at....24,000 miles-WTF? How big is the fukin' thing, I think to myself. Not being on budget at the moment, I look for the best washable oiled cotton filter- BMC, ok ( must be better than K&N, costs more, looks prettier). Ah, the joy of routine maintenance on a Yamaha ( my ex had a Star 1100 for a bit- a joyful experience changing the oil filter). But stripping the plastic isn't that bad, even if the Italian dude in the Youtube vid didn't really show how to get those plastic quick connectors that hook the tank panel to the radiator loose ( screwdriver, half turn, WTF, oh well, Lowes had something close enough to work). The filter did not look nearly as bad as I thought it would. It was dirty, but certainly not enough to affect performance, and it's dusty down here. Still, what would it look like 20,000 miles from now....I don't know and won't be finding out.