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  1. Ordered the Andreani Carts for the fork 😁 No sense in being suspended in a half-assed manner; started really thinking about the shock. Penske Triple-clicker was on the radar- but no remote pre-load adjuster ( could cobble something up, maybe). Same for the cheap K-tech option. Don't want to give that remote adjuster up. Like being to adjust for luggage or pillion. Could only find two decent shocks with remote pre-load adjusters: Ohlins YA-535 and Nitron MT- R2&3s. The Ohlins are cheaper- but lack ride height and low speed compression adjustment; the Nitron uses 35mm rod and limited to mail-in for service ( but you can get the spring in blue). Decided to go with the Ohlins....
  2. yeah, it's much nicer- less noise
  3. @betoneyRight, I was thinking about the Activetune, mostly for possible improvement in mpgs, but when I saw that it didn't fully adjust for your Scorpion, decided not too ( not that a bit of burbling is any big deal, and I'm sure it does help the bike run better). That MV Aug shop is a Ohlins dealer ( of course). Good deal on the Andreani carts- 1k installed, a bit less than K-tech installed and supposedly better. Saw them on the mechanics personal bike, very nice looking, big adjustment knobs. The Ohlins double clickers they'd want to put on the rear are pretty pricey, however. Probably should just bite the bullet, have them do it both ends, instead trying to save $ by putting a K-tech on the rear myself. They run a track day program, so can go have some fun and get the suspension really dialed in at the same time
  4. Definitely. Probably going to do the carts. They set-up stock suspension, really pretty decent now, but almost out of adjustment on the fork. AFRs fine, a little on the "fat" side with Ivan's flash but the curve is good above 5K. I can live with it.
  5. Didn't you send in your ECU to have it adjusted for your Scorpion can, despite the Active Tune?
  6. What he said. If you are going to spend the coin, do it right the first time ( unless you are just not all that picky.eh)
  7. @norcal616Have you had your bike on a Dyno?
  8. Must take a lot to "pop" out them, man. I've hammered the shit out of my bike for close 1k miles with no leaks or discernible movement of the headers. But I'll take your word for it ( doesn't seem to run any better with them on...)
  9. @betoney 109/62 ambient temp: 103 elv: 1237' I expected 115 or so : ( based on magazine articles and other bikes reported numbers on other Dynos. Without a baseline for my bike (not another bike on another Dyno) who knows how much gained or even lost? Being slightly paranoid and inclined towards a cynical view of the venal nature of peeps, in general, I would have suspected some "hanky-panky" with the Dyno calibration. Except they want to sell me suspension components. And the Dyno guy is a pretty straight shooter- solid rep with the local Beemer crowd. We had good talk- said same thing as Ivan- want more, smoother torque and HP curves, Dyno tune with a Power Commander now. Get 2-3 more ponies, maybe 2 MPGs ( better gas mileage is tempting, but for another $700)? His opinion, spend $ on suspension, instead. I was bummed until he showed me #s from a 2017 FZ- 09 with Vcyclenut flash and a Akropovic: 111/63 on their Dyno before a adding a PC and Dyno tune- made 114/64 after.
  10. right, that's what they do; build a map with a bike on a dyno ( hopefully a little actual street riding as well) "can" the map and "flash" that map into customer's ECUs πŸ‘- just pointing out there are lot's of maps for FZ/FJs out there, not so much for GTs yet. Had my bike dynoed at a performance shop ( MV Augusta dealer- nice bikes $$$; tuned my stock suspension, offered good deal on Andreani carts) . No baseline #s for comparison, so who knows how many HP/Lbs gained with the Graves. Bike pulls unintended wheelies now, got more fer sure 😲 I'll have update my blurb on Ivan's flash in light of the dyno run
  11. @norcal616 cool man, how aboutz some pics of da Graves rainbowπŸ˜ƒ. Those header springs, yeah, guess it would look better with. Don't have any exhaust leaks without 'em, re-torgued the flange nuts after a few heat cycles; they for the track&strip,eh? ( shit, I just ran out to the garage and put the little fukers on πŸ™„ does look better). Yeah, you do know that the FZ&FJ (now MT-09) have a different ECU than the Tracer GT,eh? Graves doesn't have a flash for the GT and Woolich just came out with one for it. Of course, if I'd done my due diligence, would have queried Ivan regarding how the GT he built his on was setup, beforehand. Notwithstanding that I intended to run a Scorpion can with his flash originally; the Graves was a 3 am decision when that plan went sideways. If I'd known he ran an Akropovic, I would have saved some coin and gone that way instead. But the Graves is a "cooler" pipe. @tojjer I'll see what I can do about putting up some audio
  12. With a little over 1K on the pipe, figured I'd do up a little review. "Dude, It's fukin' bitchen' : looks bitchen, sounds even bitchener (sic)". well there 'ya go😎 Ok, seriously now. It's nice pipe- Titanium-whole thing weighs about 6lbs. It's very well turned out, even the welds look perfect. And the sound is a deep rumble at idle that becomes a screaming Jet Engine roar as the RPMs climb. Powerwise, a very noticeable increase above 6k, a bit boggy from 3k-4.5 K ( Ivan's flash is tuned for an Akropovic full system, quite a different design from the Graves). And the coloring as the Titanium has aged is a beautiful hue of blue. And it's damn expensive, couple of hundered more than other offerings. The carbon fiber can is, erh, fragile. Something hit the bottom of the can and tore a hole in the cover ( don't think it's real carbon fiber). The fitment leaves something to be desired: you have to cobble up an adapter or use a different mounting point and some spacers for the muffler bracket in order to clear the center stand. That last point pisses me off- supposed to fit out of the box, and damn well should for the amount of coin Graves be asking. Overall, a very nice performance pipe. Bit loud for touring( should be wearing ear plugs anyways). Gets admiring looks from sportbike types all the time.
  13. Gotta weigh in here. I've got Ivan's flash and Graves full exhaust. Took my bike to a local shop and had it Dyno'ed to get a look at the the fuel curves and such. Pretty honest dyno operator; has a good rep with the local Beemer crowd. He's seen a lot of canned flashes. So Ivan's ain't bad- he's seen worse. It's pretty rich, particularly on the bottom- losing a couple of MPGs there ( butt dyno says Yee-haw and she wheelies super easy in standard mode with TC1- but not in sport mode with TC off, although she "seems" a little quicker in sport mode! Subjectivity.) He said if I needed more ( maybe 2-3 HP) and better mileage have to go with Power commander at this point to dial her in- fuking 'nother $700. However if I'd just gone with the PC, the spark tables would still be stock- screwed up. To get the most you need both- pricey. Or a custom map built with tuning software- canned map ain't custom for your bike. Seems believable according to the Dyno sheets- matches the riding experience: stumbling and burbling around 3-4k ( Akro has extra bend in pipe) screaming insanity above 7K ( stepped headers on the Graves) Another thing 'bout Ivan's flash: it's tuned for a full Akro system ( not a Graves, sigh). If you run a Cat, over time you'll plug it up with that rich of a tune....
  14. @texscottyd no worries. Yeah, man you won. What's the next challenge?